How to stop emotional eating with mindfulness on
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How to stop emotional eating with mindfulness

Eating is one of the necessities we need to meet to stay alive. Unfortunately in the Western world where food is generally available in abundance, we sometimes use food to substitute for something else. Sadness. Loneliness. Boredom. But also when we celebrate, food tends to take on a prominent role on which we indulge more than we should – and often for all the wrong reasons. In short: Emotional eating. This is an article which describes a solution to this problem: How to stop emotional eating with mindfulness. And as I have a tendency to emotionally eat myself, all of this is covered from a personal – maybe recognizable – perspective.

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Why I choose interval training instead of regular running on

Why I choose interval training instead of regular running

I love running outdoors. In fact, after I moved out of the city to the countryside, I started to make an effort to become a little better at it. I simply love seeing the world flash by on my own accord, with the sun on my face. So I recently picked up running again and I decided to spice things up a little… This article tells you all about why I choose interval training instead of regular running!

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Spring self-care on

Spring self-care: 10 ways to practice self-care this spring

Self-care isn’t attached to a particular season. Ideally, self-care should be woven into our daily routine, whether it’s summer, fall, winter or spring. But as every season gifts us with it’s own particular peculiarities, we shouldn’t leave an opportunity to enjoy these unused! These 10 tips will effortlessly kick off your spring self-care routine. Have fun and enjoy the season!

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How to be a good listener: The mistakes I've been making at
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How to be a good listener: The mistake I’ve been making

I remember a time where I considered myself a good listener. As someone with a good dose of empathy, I’m usually very interested in what goes on in someone’s mind. Unfortunately, over the last few months I noticed I’ve been making a crucial mistake, which I’m planning to fix as soon as possible. In this article I would like to share my tips on how to be a good listener, and share the crucial mistake I’ve been making.

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Vision Board Challenge Report part 1 on
Challenge report

Vision Board Challenge Report part 1

I created a challenge to get acquainted with the concept of vision boarding. For 30 days every participant gets a topic to ponder and visualize, only to get to know if they’re on track with their goals – or if they have to set some new ones! During this first part of the Vision Board Challenge Report I will walk you through my first half of the challenge, which was filled with heaps of Pinterest-worthy images, and a couple of soul-searching discoveries!

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30 Day Vision Board Challenge on
30-day challenge

30 Day Vision Board Challenge

Ready to reach your goals in an easy yet extremely motivating way? This 30 day vision board challenge will motivate you to review your life – and find room for improvement – with the help of the images you collect. It’s easy as pie, and of course I will tag along for the ride!

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Organic Watercolor desktop wallpapers at

Organic watercolor desktop wallpapers

Winter has put everything under a magical spell of frost, forcing us inside. And because the key to tackling winter depression is to embrace the season, I decided to introduce a bit of potted spring into our home. Our livingroom is now adorned with hyacinths, orchids and hedera. So why not spice up your desktop, while you’re at it?  I took the time to make a collection of beautiful, organic watercolor desktop wallpapers. All of these are made by the respective artists to freely use to spice up your laptop or pc. Enjoy!

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My favorite no weight workouts at

My favorite no weight workouts

There are several advantages to doing no weight workouts, also known as ground exercises. One, it doesn’t cost you any money. Two, you can do it from the comfort of your own home. Three, you can do them at any time you want. And four, besides providing you a nice and regular workout, it can also be a great addition to target specific areas next to your regular sports routine. I want to share my favorite no weight workouts with you to make you feel inspired and get you going!

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