How I managed to cure Perioral Dermatitis at

How I managed to cure Perioral Dermatitis

It started out as a couple of bumps around my nose. Then, several doctors visits and aggressive skin creams later, I found out I had Perioral Dermatitis. Although this skin condition can come and go as easily as the tides, I found there are some things that helped me make it disappear. And it still does to date! This is the story about how I managed to cure Perioral Dermatitis – in the hopes of helping others beat it too!

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Ikigai: The Japanese secret to a long and happy life book review on

Ikigai : The Japanese secret to a long and happy life book review

Ikigai is a Japanese term which roughly translates to “a sense of purpose” or “a reason for being” – something a lot of us tend to look for nowadays. No wonder this concept is gaining more popularity in Western Culture! I picked up some books on the topic in the hopes of learning more about Ikigai, and how to find it. Was the similarly named book “Ikigai” any help? Read all about it in this Ikigai : The Japanese secret to a long and happy life book review.

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The perfect time to start decluttering at
Home & Living, Productivity, Self-improvement

The perfect time to start decluttering

With spring around the corner, there are butterflies both in my backyard and in my stomach. Because traditionally this is the time to start spring-cleaning – which can be combined with a hearty round of decluttering! Nothing beats a clean and tidy home after you’ve set your mind to it and put in the hard work. But is spring the best time to get your cleaning and decluttering done? What is the perfect time to start decluttering?

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My favorite green smoothie recipes on
Food, Health

My favorite green smoothie recipes

Smoothies are generally made with fruits like blueberries and strawberries, making them milk-shaky and delicious. And with overpowering berry flavors, it’s easy to throw in some greens as you’ll barely end up tasting them!

But what if you’d like to avoid berries all together? Or if you’d like to add some extra (and unconventional) greens? If you want to avoid some of the fruity calories, or if you simple enjoy the green and earthy flavor? Look no further: In this article I will share my favorite green smoothie recipes with you!

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How to power nap: a short and effective guide at

How to power nap: A short and effective guide

What do Salvador Dali, Albert Einstein and Ludwig van Beethoven have in common? Besides the fact all three were brilliant in their respective fields, they all took regular power naps which provided them with new and unique insights. Additionally, many people feel short naps are the key to their success as it makes them more productive and more focussed during the day. Let’s take a page from their book, by having a refreshing nap now and then! In this article I’ll share with you the best tips on how to power nap.

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My 10 favorite personal articles at

My 10 favorite personal articles

Last month, while I was on holiday, I hit the 100 post mark. A milestone, as I generally tend to put a lot of effort into my writings! It inspired me to browse through Want for Wellness and see which articles were most successful and which posts I enjoyed writing the most. The answer was, those of a more personal nature.

Now admittedly, all my posts generally have a personal nature. I started Want for Wellness to share my findings about the various concepts of physical and mental health, and I only write about what drives or interests me. But some articles describe past events in my life, brain-snippets which occupy me endlessly, or bad habits I’m looking to change. In other words; these articles can get pretty damn personal.

This is why I would like to share with you my 10 favorite personal articles, as they occupy a special place in my heart.

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The gratitude perversion: Why practicing gratitude doesn't work for everyone at

The gratitude perversion: Why practicing gratitude doesn’t work for everyone or for every case

I love practicing gratitude, as it tends to keep my mind on the right track. And with it’s many proven advantages you could almost call it al pillar in practicing self-love and self-care. But is practicing gratitude really a solution to feel better in any case? It took me a while to find out but the answer is no: Practicing gratitude doesn’t work for everyone. And here’s why.

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Fall self-care: 10 ways to practice self-care this autumn at

Fall self-care: 10 ways to practice self-care this autumn

After the success of the round-up of self-care activities you can practice during spring, I decided to do a similar article for this season. Because to me autumn is all about comfort and coziness: The perfect time to practice self-care. But I also find it an ideal time to make room for new beginnings after summer. This top 10 is inspired by those themes! I hope these fall self-care ideas will inspire you to do lovely, if not great things.


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The benefits of barefoot walking + a personal test at
Fitness, Health, Self-improvement

The benefits of barefoot walking + a personal test

Last year I read an about the joy of barefoot walking. Instead of writing it off as a new-age peculiarity I chimed in that I used to roam the woods barefoot as a kid by days on end, with dark soles and a light mood. From then on I felt I should give the concept another try. This is an article about the benefits of barefoot walking, and how I put barefoot walking to the test!

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