10 reasons to travel: The spiritual benefits
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10 reasons to travel: The spiritual benefits

I tend to make a very distinct difference between ‘going on a holiday’ and ‘travelling’. While lounging pool-side with a good book can be very relaxing (and in some cases, all you really want and need during your time off), journeying to foreign places provides you more than some much needed rest. These 10 reasons to travel will instantly give you that itch to book a flight to an exotic destination, or to simply grab your car and discover new places!


1: You broaden your horizon

By travelling you’ll experience things you won’t experience at home. Especially in far-away countries not only the customs, but also the people, the food and the landscape are incredibly different from what you’re used to. By experiencing these things up close you’ll get more insights about life, and how it really works.


2: You are free as a bird

Travelling around gives me the ultimate feeling of freedom. If you do it well, you’ll only have to think about what you eat and where you sleep. Whether you feel like taking the highway or a back-road. Or even if you feel like taking a left, or a right turn! It’s so much better than running to yet another appointment, following up on obligations or paying your bills!


3: You’ll get to know yourself (and your traveling-partner)

Some people say that travelling together is the final test for your relationship: Which is understandable when you consider you’re literally being pulled out of your comfort-zone. A change of pace (and view) can really bring out the best – or the worst – in us.


4: Everything is being put in perspective

By submerging yourself in a different environment with different people, you’ll be provided with new perspectives. How important is it to put yourself in debt for a major-brand bag or the latest technical gadget, if it feeds an entire family for a year in the country you’re visiting?


5: You learn how to improvise

Not everything is written in stone when you travel. You might miss a train, find some roads impassable because of the weather conditions, or run into other circumstances that might mess up your initial plan. These things will teach you how to improvise, and in the long run you’ll end up worrying less about setbacks.


6: You part-take in a lot of new experiences

When you travel you’ll have a lot more interesting encounters than during your daily run to the supermarket! I ended up in the loveliest hotels and restaurant and landed myself in the most interesting situations by keeping an open mind.


7: You meet new interesting people

Your positive traveling-mood works like a beacon to other social spirits. It’s not uncommon to meet other travelers with whom you can have a great time, or run into locals who might invite you over for dinner!


8: You learn to appreciate home more

Traveling is amazing, but so is coming home. Whether you spent several days off the pavement or spent all your time in luxury resorts: Nothing feels better than having a nice hot shower in your own bathroom.


9: You charge your mental battery

While being away you had the chance to drop a lot of tasks that occupy you at home. This will give you new energy which will provide you with a fresh start.


10: You make memories which will last you a lifetime

My goal is to end up in my rocking-chair (you know, when I’m way, way  older) and look back at the lovely, exciting, interesting and amazing things I’ve got to experience. Judging by the wonderful recollections I have from the journey’s I made so far, traveling will make out of a major part of my most valued memories!


What are your most important reasons to travel?


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