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30 Day Vision Board Challenge

Ready to reach your goals in an easy yet extremely motivating way? This 30 day vision board challenge will motivate you to review your life – and find room for improvement – with the help of the images you collect. It’s easy as pie, and of course I will tag along for the ride!


As an advocate for wellness and everything that has to do with personal development, I am not unfamiliar with the concept of vision boards. But admittedly, I never made one myself. As an imaginative person I never felt I would need a special destination to collect my visual musings. But It’s took me a while to realize a vision board is much more than a place to collect a bunch of images to visually communicate your ideas – which is a moodboard. A vision board on the other hand is a powerful motivation tool, which I would like to learn more about with the help of this 30 day challenge!


So, what is a vision board?

Traditionally, a vision board is a physical sheet lined with sketches, cutouts and writings, all collected with a single purpose: To remind you every day of the goal you want to achieve. The images on your vision board are of a personal nature, and are solely collected because they spark a particular feeling or emotion. A vision board is often placed somewhere prominently or is easily accessible so you’ll be reminded every day to put in the work to get where you want to be. In short, a vision board is a visual tool to help you stay motivated to reach the goals you have set for yourself.

Most times vision boards have very particular themes. A few often heard of concepts are increasing your financial means, striving to go on that world trip, or achieving a certain look. For this challenge I have collected a number of general subjects for you to ponder, to give you food for thought and to review which parts of your life might benefit from a few adjustments. Or maybe to find out your life doesn’t need much tweaking at all!


A healthy approach to making a vision board

An often used subject for a vision board is losing weight or getting fit. These vision boards are usually wallpapered with photos of models who make it their job to fit a particular clothing size, and who are photoshopped to perfection. People who plaster their vision board with people who they idolize, rather than with images that symbolize the way they would like to feel, will soon find themselves feeling demotivated and robbed of self-esteem*.

*Do you know that dreaded weight-loss tip of hanging an unflattering photo of yourself in a bathing suit on the fridge? A vision board filled with people you want to be is the exact same thing: A gesture to yourself that lacks compassion and self-respect.

Although a vision board may definitely contain some images of products you would like to own, it should mainly focus on how you would like to feel. Instead of filling your vision board with products, look for photos which get a certain atmosphere or emotion across for you. This will give your vision board more depth, and it will make your goal more personal and more achievable.


The 30 day vision board challenge

For this 30 day challenge you require few materials. In fact, the only thing I am going to use is my Pinterest account! I made a designated “30 day vision board challenge” folder to post the images for the challenge every day for thirty days.

If you would rather like to keep it traditional, all you need is a big stack of magazines or a printer. Stick or tack your images to a big sheet of paper or cardboard, or use an old fashioned cork-board. You can also pick a designated wall for your vision board, by displaying your images with colorful washi tape!


Every day, find one to three images which reflect your ideal image of the subjects given to you by the challenge. These subjects are divided into three categories: Mind, Body and Soul (not unlike the previous Want for Wellness 30 day self-care challenge). After 30 days you’ll have a collection of thirty to ninety images which reflect your ideals, and thus your potential goals!


Make sure to keep this handy infographic at hand:

30 Day Vision Board Challenge on www.wantforwellness.com

When your vision board is complete, make sure to give it some attention as a whole. After putting thought in every subject, you’ve ended up with a very personal collection which could give you more insight about yourself!

This challenge is perfect to make an estimation of where you currently are in life. Do you feel there is a lot of room for change? Could your lifestyle use a couple of tweaks to make it more pleasant?

Maybe there were a couple of specific subjects which sparked your interest. You could always consider giving these topics some extra thought and maybe even dedicate a special vision board to them in particular!


Keep track on social media with #WFWChallenge

I’ll be logging my progress as usual in a bi-weekly challenge report, and I’ll make sure to make some mentions on Twitter and Instagram. Want to tag along? Use the #WFWChallenge tag so we can keep up to date with our progress!

If you’re making use of Pinterest to do this challenge, feel free to post a link to your board in the comments! I’d love to see what we’ll come up with!

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I hope you’ll have as much fun doing this 30 day vision board challenge, as I had making it!

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  • Reply Ru March 4, 2018 at 13:17

    Love this 30 day challenge, I’m on board 🙂

    • Reply Nathalie March 4, 2018 at 13:48

      I’m happy to hear that: I’m enjoying the challange a lot so far! My first findings will be online soon in the challenge report. Make sure to tag along on social media with the #WFWChallenge hashtag!

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