5 helpful tips against stress

5 helpful tips against stress

It’s an unavoidable emotion, and in cases of emergency it even improves our functioning. Unfortunately, being exposed to the culprit called stress for longer periods of time isn’t beneficial to our health. Although I expect the topic (in all it’s forms) to be an often discussed field on Want for Wanderlust, I would like to take this opportunity to share a couple of basic tips against stress.


1: Take a step back

Where is this stress coming from? Sometimes the answer is simple; you are busy at work, or the last couple of days have given you the feeling that the universe is plotting against you. It’s also possible to feel stress without being able to pin-point a direct cause. That’s why it’s important to take a step back and ask yourself why you’re feeling so tense. When you find your answer, it’s easier to put your emotions into perspective and to look for a solution.

Sometimes you’ll have to put in some extra work to tackle the problem. Maybe there’s a (difficult) conversation you need to have. But often stress is based on a lack of rest and having too much on your mind. In that case the best thing you can do is to drop what you’re doing; even if it’s just for an hour or an afternoon.


2: Take some (real) time off

When you need rest, you need to make sure you’re really getting some. That means activities like doing the laundry or constantly checking your e-mail are out of the question. That also counts for leisure activities which – on a second thought – you really don’t feel like doing. Put your phone on silent and do absolutely nothing. Instead, allow yourself to finally finish your book, watch a feel-good movie or take a relaxing bath. Only when you take your moment of peace seriously, you will find yourself relaxed as a result.


3: Do some exercise

Exercise and sports are a proven remedy against stress. Tension doesn’t only build up in your head; it also manifests itself in your body. The results are splitting head-aches, stiff muscles and painful shoulders. Go to the gym to work it off, go for a run or practice one of your other favorite sports. Even a long walk can have a tremendously positive effect when you’re having stress. A good work-out allows your brain to produce endorphins, the chemicals responsible for feeling happy and accomplished.


4: Try to sleep well

Making sure you rest well enough is often a good way to tackle stress. There’s a good possibility that whatever has been making you tense prevented you from having a good night’s rest. Your mental resistance will increase from plenty of sleep, which makes it easier for you to face the world with a refreshed attitude. Just make sure you don’t sleep too much. Taking a nap is a fine way to catch up on the sleep you’ve missed: Just make sure your nightly sleep doesn’t suffer from it.


5: Pick your company wisely

Make sure you spend your days with people who give  you energy, rather than take it away from you. Avoid people who have a tendency to be grumpy, overly criticizing or negative. Instead, be around people who are cheerful, supportive and fun to be around.


What are your remedies against stress?


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