Brian Tracy's affirmation challenge
30-day challenge

Brian Tracy’s Affirmation Challenge

Brian Tracy is the best-selling author of catchy titles like “Eat That Frog” and “No Excuses!“, making him a popular inspirational speaker world-wide. Luckily he provides us with simple infographics that easily challenge us to do greater things. Based on one of those, I want to undertake Brian Tracy’s Affirmation Challenge!


Although “positive affirmations” might sound as foreign to you as they did to me, the concept is simple: Whatever you express out loud, leaves an impression on the inside. Brian Tracy himself states on the matter, that whatever you say to yourself or others is impressed more deeply into your subconscious mind – and is more likely to be repeated – even to an extend to becoming a permanent part of your personality.

Still… Affirmations? While I was fully grasping the concept two things popped into mind.

One was a memory of a childhood friend who was forced by her parents to attend an assertiveness class in high school. She described it as a group of kids sitting in a circle, rhythmically clapping their hands, chanting “We – are – good. We – are – amazing!”. She absolutely hated it, and I used to provide some much needed comfort when a straggling student had overheard their rather vocal approach after school.

The other was a vision of a depressed and hung-over Edna Krabappel waking up in front of her bathroom mirror, repeating “This will be a good day, this will be a good day!” – during possibly the first Simpsons episode where I started to realize the elementary school teacher was not only a lush, but also human*.

* Ready for some funny tragedy, and a spoof on self-help book The Secret? Watch The Simpsons season 21 episode 2, “Bart gets a Z”.

I wasn’t the only one who thought affirmations sounded a little kooky. Yet when Deisy from the Dutch happiness blog Visionary Life described the positive effect this 30 day challenge had on her, I decided it was time to give it a a try!


Brian Tracy’s affirmation challenge: 30 days

This infographic really says it all. Every day for 30 days you will put effort into repeating a designated affirmation. This should lead to a more positive mindset, the abolishing of negative thinking patterns and and increase in confidence and self-esteem.

Brian Tracy's 30 day affirmation challenge on Want for Wellness


I’m getting started today… You too?

Of course I will let you know what the outcome is when the challenge is over. And you are free to join me for this challenge! I’ll be using #WFWChallenge on Twitter and Instagram to keep you up to date. Feel free to join me by using the same hashtag!

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Good luck and have fun!


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