Challenge report: Brian Tracy's affirmation challenge
Challenge report

Challenge Report: Brian Tracy’s Affirmation Challenge

My last thirty days have been filled with positive mantra’s and affirmations, to honor my commitment to Brian Tracy’s affirmation challenge. After some research (and a brief report on my approach) I decided to go for it. You’ll read all about how I felt through this 30 day challenge in this article!


Brian Tracy’s affirmation challenge

The task was simple; repeating these pre-formulated affirmations as often as possible each day. For more information, check my introduction article on the matter!


Day 1

Today seems easy. I grab a note, scribble down “I love myself” with black marker, and tape it next to my screen. I do feel a little silly looking at it. Luckily grumpy cat provides some cynical relief. Phew.

Day 3

The third morning I start my day by writing down my affirmation. “I’m getting better every day.” This one appeals more to me than yesterday’s mantra – “I can do anything I put my mind to”. I did translate the sentence to Dutch, just so I could grasp it better. There we go: “Ik word elke dag beter… Ik word  elke dag beter… Ik word elke dag beter”.*

* Now I just hope I got the grammar right!

Day 4

I already warned the mister that I wasn’t losing my marbles, in case he’d find one of my affirmation reminder notes in my office. Today’s one is “I am important”. When I said I wasn’t really feeling this one, he said that I’m important to him, thus I am important in general. Awww!

Challenge report Brian Tracy quoteDay 7

I noticed that I didn’t practice my affirmations so well over the weekend. This is why I want to make up for them this Monday. But “I am strong” simply feels like an open door to me. Nonetheless, I follow the challenge.

Day 10

Since I have a lot of time to do my affirmations today (I’m doing some extensive spring-cleaning around the house) I want to make this one count. “I persist with confidence” unfortunately doesn’t translate very well. I almost consider cheating, picking another mantra from the list instead. Instead I tweak today’s affirmation a little, replacing it with “I am confident”. Cheating on yourself never did anyone any good!

Day 14

Shoot, another weekend of neglecting my affirmations. Somehow “having time off” makes me forget to do some daily practices that are actually good for me.

Day 17

As I check up today’s affirmation, I feel a little lost. “I think like a winner” sounds a little obscure (if not slick) to my ears: I can’t stop picturing Leonardo di Caprio in “The Wolf of Wallstreet”. Nonetheless, I can imagine it works wonders for others. I once again feel tempted to skip to another affirmation, but end up practicing this one any way.

Day 21

I’m cranky. My article isn’t working out the way I want to, and I feel my shoulders getting tense. I check today’s affirmation, and sarcastically snicker when I read “The universe provides for my every want and need”. It might be my mood, but I’m tempted to skip this particular one all together. Then I decide not to. I might not feel very “zen” today, but I remind myself that this challenge could definitely help me on my way.

Day 25

Finally a mantra I can relate to again. “I radiate positive energy”. The minute I start using this affirmation I start believing it, no matter how gloomy the weather!

Day 29

Although today’s affirmation sounds pretty appealing, I don’t really feel up to the task. Because although the challenge will end in two days, I feel I’m already able to write my conclusion on my progress: That I feel the need to write my own, personal affirmations. Nonetheless I’m sticking with it. “I am in control of my life” sounds like one too good to give up on!


The aftermath

This challenge gave me thirty days to get acquainted with the concept of positive affirmations. Although I started off excited, after a week I started to feel my motivation sink. I decided to take on the rest of the challenge (since “hey, I’m not giving up so easily!”) but the longer I put my shoulders under it the more I started to understand that I wasn’t bothered by doing positive affirmations, but by repeating those provided to me on the sheet.

There were several affirmations in a more simple spectrum I quickly learned to appreciate. “I love myself”, “I am making things happen” and “There is a solution to every problem” being a few of them. To me they radiated hope and a certain humble sort of self-love that fits my personality.

Other affirmations like “I think like a winner”, “Everything I do turns into success” and even “I am powerfully positive in everything I think, do and say” felt foreign to me. As I realized this might just be the reason these affirmations were worth practicing – to allow yourself a new perspective on your own personality, and to completely alter the way you perceive yourself – I tried these with the same fervor.

But I couldn’t help but think I would like to write my own affirmations. Certain keywords or sentences I feel compliment my personality just right, rather than make me feel silly or even obstinate towards the whole concept itself.

Maybe this is exactly what the challenge presses us to do: To get to know the positive effects of affirmations, only to learn that developing a mantra is so personal you can’t simply be guided by a sheet on Pinterest.

Whatever Brian Tracy’s intention is, I feel positively proud that this simple challenge has taught me so much about myself. As you’d expect I would like to keep up practicing my affirmations, but in the future I am planning to write these myself, matching my then current mood and needs.


Do you practice positive affirmations? And do you consider trying out Brian Tracy’s positive affirmation challenge? 


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  • Reply Linda May 10, 2016 at 03:14

    Wat een leuke blog heb je en wat schrijf je fijn! En ook leuk dat je deze challenge hebt gedaan. Ik kan me voorstellen dat zulke kleine zinnetjes je toch aan het denken zetten. Ik heb zelf wel eens geschreven over het opstellen van affirmaties, wel in een veel uitgebreider format dan jij hier beschrijft, maar misschien heb je er toch iets aan!

    • Reply Nathalie | May 10, 2016 at 03:44

      Hoi Linda, dankjewel voor je ontzettend leuke en grote compliment: You made my day 😉 En ik zal je artikel zeker even opzoeken, want ik ben van plan binnenkort mijn eigen affirmaties op te stellen!

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