My favorite infused water recipes

My favorite infused water recipes

Everyone knows it’s important to drink a lot of water during the day. But drinking all the H2O you need can become pretty boring, pretty quickly. Spice up your water with some nice ingredients: Not only to improve the taste, but to add some nutrients as well! These are my favorite infused water recipes.


So how do you make infused water? Simply by taking a pitcher and filling it up with water and your desired ingredients. The water will take over the flavor of whatever you put in there, although some will work better than others. You can always experiment to see what suits you!

There are special infused water pitchers to create infused water. The main advantage is that they store your ingredients in a special compartiment, allowing them to stay under at all times, and making it easy to poor your drink. There are even smaller infused water bottles which you can bring to work or use while you’re working out.

Logically the flavor gets more prominent when you let it sit for a couple of hours. Just remember that it’s wise to consume your infused water within a day.


Infused water recipe: Goji berries and white tea

Take a small hand of dried goji berries and add these to your water. When you also add a bag of white tea you’ll be surprised by the mild, earthy flavor!

  • Goji berries are packed with anti-oxidants and vitamins, making them a good addition to many diets.


Infused water recipe: Green apple and chamomile

Slice half a granny smith apple, and add it to your pitcher. You’ll finish up the flavor by adding some fresh or dried chamomile flowers. Of course, you can also simply use a teabag.

  • Chamomile has relaxing properties, which makes this drink very suitable when you’re feeling stressed, or when you’re about to go to bed.


Infused water recipe: Cucumber and mint

Cut off a thumb’s length of cucumber. Peel and slice thinly. A few sprigs of fresh mint give your water a very fresh flavor!

  • Cucumber infused water is often mentioned as a detox recipe.


Infused water: Orange and grapes

Cut half an orange into quarters and add it to your water. For a stronger flavor, you can use the other half of the orange by squeezing it in your pitcher. A small hand of red or white grapes (cut in half, or gently squeezed) will finish this charming looking recipe!

  • Did you manage to catch a summer cold? This is the recipe for you, as the ingredients contain a lot of vitamin C. It is also a nice way to get that “orangy” flavor, without having the squeeze a ton of oranges.


Infused water recipe: Mango and ginger

Grab a mango, peel it and cut it into cubes (this funny video shows you how to get it done without heartache). After adding this to your pitcher, add some freshly grated ginger too!

  • Ginger boosts your metabolism, making this a suitable recipe to aid in weight loss.

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Do you drink infused water? And what are your favorite combinations? Feel free to share them in the comments!

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  • Reply Charelle April 22, 2016 at 23:51

    I love infused water! It’s so refreshing and a welcome alternative to plain water once in a while. My favourite recipe is to combine ginger, cucumber and mint, but I’m absolutely going to try the combination of apple and chamomile, never thought of using chamomile to infuse water before!

    • Reply Nathalie April 28, 2016 at 03:06

      Hey Charelle! I should incorporate ginger in my waters more too, because of all it’s benefits! As for chamomile, I can really recommend it as the flavor is so mild and earthy! <3

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