My favorite conscious Jamie Oliver tv shows
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My favorite conscious Jamie Oliver tv shows

Jamie Oliver managed to climb up from a rather directionless lad in Essex to a world-wide celebrity chef. Although many people mostly seem to consider him a cook-become-businessman, I am most impressed with his continuous efforts to make the planet a better, if not healthier place. Lucky for us food-and-health nuts, he took the time to dedicate several television shows to his cause. So do you need some cooking inspiration? Are you looking for a good bit of documentary-like television? Consider checking out some of my favorite conscious Jamie Oliver tv shows! Here’s the top 5 countdown…


My top 5 favorite conscious Jamie Oliver tv shows


Number 5: Jamie’s School Dinners

If you’re remotely aware of Jamie Oliver’s strife to have the world eating healthy, you’ll know about his efforts to improve school dinners in the UK. Although this show dates from a couple of years back, I think it still provides a very informative view about what many countries feed their kids at school during the day. And I gotta tell you; it ain’t healthy. The complete shock-factor is how much resistance he ran into while training cafeteria ladies and making children more aware of healthy options. From general mockery to people passing bags of junkfood through the school gates during recess.

Watch the trailer of Jamie’s School Dinners 


Number 4: Jamie’s Ministry of Food

Jamie continues his quest to have Great-Britain eat wholesome in one of it’s most unhealthiest towns. A lot of people eat takeaway, simply because they feel it’s cheaper, they feel they lack the time or because they never learned how to cook (this for one of the participants in fact, includes boiling water). With his “Pass it on” system Jamie hopes to spread the word of healthy food with a core-group of people, which surprisingly includes one of the women who helped passing junkfood through the school gates in “Jamie’s school dinners”. Once again he runs into more than a bit of resistance from the town, from local football fans to some of his protegés.

Watch the trailer of Jamie’s Ministry of Food

You can order Jamie’s cookbook “Jamie’s Food Revolution: Rediscover how to cook a simple, delicious, affordable meal” right here

Save with Jamie: Want for Wellness

Number 3: Save with Jamie

“Save with Jamie” is a more regular cooking show without the documentary elements of number 4 and 5. It does answer questions the chef has been receiving world-wide: How to cook delicious and healthy on a budget. Jamie talks honestly about cheaper alternatives without making you feel you’re making concessions on quality. He also makes mention of how to use leftover ingredients for your next meal, which makes you enjoy more and waste less. All for an average of 1,40 pounds a portion!

Watch Jamie talk cheap, quality vegetables for Save with Jamie

You can order Jamie Oliver’s cookbook “Save with Jamie: Shop smart, cook clever, waste less” right here


Number 2: Jamie’s Super Food

For this show Jamie went back to school, specifically to learn more about nutrition. He worked on developing “Super Food dishes”, which contain all the right proportions of healthy nutrients for every part of the day. What I liked best about the series is that Jamie traveled to five different countries which all had one thing in common: People here led the longest, healthiest and happiest lives. He performed some in-depth research to find out what part food plays in this story, resulting in beautifully personal footage!

Watch Jamie talk about his eponymous book, Jamie’s Super Food

You can order Jamie Oliver’s cookbook “Everyday Super Food” right here


Number 1: Jamie at Home

This show is without a doubt my Jamie Oliver all-time favorite. Here, the chef cooks lovely, wholesome dinners from the comfort of his (beautiful!) Essex home. What makes this show conscious? He heavily promotes buying local produce, and even pulls most of his ingredients from his own vegetable garden. As a garden-enthusiast I appreciate the pointed tips, and I just love seeing him cook the most mouth-watering dishes outdoors on the grill (or in one of his rustic kitchens). This show also gave me tons of cooking inspiration, and pretty much inspired me to rent a gardening plot in the city a couple of years back!

Watch a fragment of an episode of Jamie at Home

You can order Jamie Oliver’s cookbook “Jamie at Home: Cook your way to the good life” right here

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Are you familiar with Jamie Oliver’s food-activism? And what are your favorite shows or cookbooks? Let me know in the comments!

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