My favorite mindful mobile game
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My favorite mindful mobile game

The Mister fares best when he’s busy. He rather spends his time doing something constructive or useful, rather than sit back and daydream a bit. That’s why I was surprised to get a leisurely recommendation from him that didn’t involve a wikipedia article. A mobile game no less! But fear not; it isn’t some flashy concoction which appeals to your addictive traits or stimulates you to pay money to progress. In fact, I can genuinely state this mindful mobile game is a work of art.


Recently I wrote this article with easy mindfulness tips for beginners, in which I stated mindfulness helps you to be aware of your feelings, bodily sensations and your surroundings. If you take this definition literally, nothing involving a mobile phone can meet the description. But if you do want to play a mindful mobile game which allows you to be immersed in a world of zen and beauty, I have just the thing for you!

My favorite mindful mobile game: Monument Valley

Monument Valley is a beautifully designed mindful mobile game which has a simple objective; progress through the graphic world of wonder. You move through an environment with impossible dimensions, which you can periodically alter to create new pathways. This foreign way of moving creates a completely new view, which isn’t only mesmerizing, but will also put a smile on your face.

To progress, you need to be aware of your – or in this case, your avatar’s – surroundings. You’ll have to try to turn handles and levers, stand on buttons, walk on water and dance on ceilings. To fully appreciate the world the undoubtedly Escher-inspired creators have built, I recommend turning up the sound: The background music perfectly fits the scene, and if you listen closely you’ll often receive audio feedback if you’re thinking in the right direction.

This game isn’t hectic, speedy or remotely adrenaline inducing. The puzzles are difficult enough to make you think for a bit, but easy enough to keep the experience light and pleasant. That’s why the Mister and I lovingly call it “an art installation” rather than a game.

Monument Valley will provide you with several hours of stress-free entertainment. And if you’re finished and want to go on another adventure, you can always go for Monument Valley II!

What are your favorite mobile games?

Looking for a mindful mobile game? I recently discovered Monument Valley! Read all about it on

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