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Feeling insecure? These 5 tips will help you feel better

Everyone is prone to have a bout of insecurity now and then. But sometimes these feelings can take a turn for the worse, and stretch on longer than they need to. These 5 tips for when you’re feeling insecure will help you speed up the process to feel more like yourself, a little bit quicker!


1: Rationalize

Ask yourself: Do you truly have a reason to feel insecure? More often than not it’s not reason, but our pesky negative inner voice doing the talking. Many insecurities are founded on your individual thoughts. If they’re not, it might be wise to look for the source of your insecurity, and determine whether it’s reliable. Some people say things out of malice, without trying to be constructive. Some people word criticism in the hope of making you a better person. So first review the source of your insecurity, and determine if it’s really one worth considering.

2: Talk it out

A great way to get insecurities out of the confinement of your own head, is by seeking someone out to talk about them. Contact someone you trust, who you feel could help you in your situation or could even give you a bit of a pep talk. It could also be the person who made you insecure: It might be a good opportunity to talk things out, or to get new (more realistic) insights.

3: Distract yourself

When you’re feeling insecure, sitting on the couch only to mope never made anyone better. So instead grab all your courage and do something which usually cheers you up – but which doesn’t require a lot of effort or thought. Watch an episode of your favorite series, read a chapter from your book, or simply go for a walk. A little time off from your thoughts can provide you with new, clearer insights.

4: Form a positive mantra

A while back I made my acquaintance to positive affirmations, doing Brian Tracy’s Positive Affirmation Challenge (which is great to try if you’re feeling insecure in general). From then on I’ve been prone to form my own positive mantra when I find myself insecure about specific things. Just pin-point what’s been bothering you, give it a verbal positive twist and remind yourself to repeat it whenever you’re feeling down. One of my favorites is “I am good enough” as I feel it generally covers most insecurities, but you can make them as personal as you want. From “I am confident the universe provides me all that I need” to “I don’t care what other people say, I am perfect the way I am.”

5: Make yourself feel accomplished

Admittedly I feel this is a bit of a cheat-code in the game of fighting insecurities. Because by replacing your feelings of insecurity with a sense of accomplishment, you hardly tackle the underlying problem. That’s why I list this tip last (after you’ve tried and done everything else): Look for a way to make yourself feel accomplished. This can be by finishing a task on your to-do list which has been nagging at you for a while, by having a good sweat at the gym, or by giving the house a thorough clean. It might very well be the last nudge you need to feel better about yourself.


What are your tips for when you’re feeling insecure?

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