Having a bad day? This is how you turn it around!

Having a bad day? This is how you turn it around!

Some days simply seem destined to be bad. You start the morning by running out of toothpaste (or worse; toilet paper). You drop a jar during breakfast, leaving the entire kitchen covered in shards and granola (or worse; peanut butter). And as you’re getting dressed you manage to rip a hole in your favorite shirt (if you’re anything like me, this is a sure way to start your day on the wrong foot)! Although we like to give in to the feeling that nothing good can ever come from this day, there are several ways to turn your frown upside down. Having a bad day? This is how you turn it around!


Practice a little self love

When we find ourselves in negative situations, we often start thinking negatively about ourselves. “Why did I drop that jar of peanut butter, I’m so stupid!” or “If I were smart I would have gone to the store yesterday to stock on toilet paper”. Try to abolish these thoughts immediately, because they aren’t constructive, nor productive in any way. Instead put your mind to practicing a little self love. “It’s ok, even Martha Steward is bound to forget bringing everything she needs from the shops sometimes”, or a simple “Don’t worry about it, shit happens” will get you out of that temporary setback lot quicker.


Redirect your thoughts

Remember that whatever has gone wrong earlier, doesn’t have to paint your day. Try to put your thoughts into perspective (this is where a little mindfulness might come in hand) or try to redirect them somewhere else completely. My favorite ways to physically get myself out of a funk are:

  • Taking a walk. Crowded places tend to bring perspective about my own life rather quickly. There are always people out there who are facing more difficult times than you, in their own way. If I want to order my thoughts, I’d rather pick a quiet, outdoorsy spot.
  • Work out. Completely concentrating on your physicality is a great way to put your mind at ease. And the Endorphins your brain creates will increase your mood, while you’re at it!
  • Be around animals. Your own pet will do perfectly! There’s something about petting and interacting with an animal that has an undeniable soothing effect. If you don’t have a pet, visit friends or family who do. Or even go a little crazy, and go to a petting zoo or a stable.
  • Be around people who love you. There’s nothing better than to talk it off and to hug it out.


Stop, drop and roll

Sometimes, even after you tried your best to get your day back on track again, you still see yourself failing at everything you’re trying to accomplish. It’s possible that the day has simply left you too tired or too jittery to get anything done. In that case, you simply have to:

1: Stop…

Whatever you’re doing. Tomorrow there’s another day.

2: Drop…

Everything that’s occupying your mind right now. Decide that if you’re stopping for the day, there’s no use in thinking about everything you wanted to get done, either.

3: Roll…

Into your favorite blanket on the couch, with a hot cup of tea. Stop pushing yourself and try to relax. You tried your best, but today’s circumstances simply didn’t leave you at your best. Aim for another day instead, and allow yourself to catch your breath.


What are your favorite remedies for a bad day? 


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  • Reply Suzi @ Cruelty-Free Kitty April 15, 2016 at 12:50

    Good advice! Nip negative thoughts in the bud!

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