Minimalistic Quote Desktop Wallpapers at

Minimalistic Quote Desktop Wallpapers

I love myself a good quote any day – especially written on a desktop wallpaper to remind myself of something powerful every time I start up my computer. But instead of picking something extensive and elaborate, I was more in the mood for something simple and effective. This is why I curated a selection of minimalistic quote desktop wallpapers: To adorn the background of your monitor with a cheery reminder every day!

Minimalistic Quote Desktop Wallpapers

In order of appearance (from left to right and top to bottom):

1: “Don’t ever lose your sense of wonder” (download at DesignLoveFest)
2: “Look around” (download at
3: “Stay Wild” (download at DesignLoveFest)
4: “Be Still” (download at DesignLoveFest)
5: “Hello Sunshine” (download at TheBlogMarket)
6: “You are exactly where you need to be” (download at Move Nourish Believe)
7: “Actually I can” (download at HDwallpaper20)
8: “Stay Positive” (download at VanillaSlumber)

Which are your favorites?

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