The Miracle Morning Challenge
30-day challenge

The Miracle Morning Challenge

Although self improvement is a goal on many a person’s wishlist, finding the time to develop yourself is a whole other story. Besides visiting the gym and reading the odd blog article (oh hi, by the way!) it can be hard to find the time to focus on your personal progress. Hal Elrod found a solution. And based on that philosophy, The Miracle Morning challenge was born!


With a blog like Want for Wellness it shouldn’t come as a surprise to you I have an interest in self improvement. Yet “The Miracle Morning” by Hal Elrod was the first self-help book I’ve ever finished reading (and then I didn’t even read it at first: I listened to the audio book)! After reading numerous positive stories online I felt this might be exactly the thing for me. A way to start your day productively, get energized, and capture a feeling of joy until you go to bed.


A concept by yo pal Hal

The Miracle Morning is a concept developed by Hal Elrod, author, coach and motivational speaker. After a tragic accident which meddled with his short-term memory he decided to take fate into his own hands. During his stay in the hospital, he realized he couldn’t change the past. But he did realize that by accepting what had happened to him, he could take full responsibility for his future. It fueled a triumphant comeback in his corporate career – which during the recession, ended in what he would call his biggest mental downfall. Only then did his idea for The Miracle Morning come to life.

The Miracle Morning message is clear: To consistently and constructively improve yourself on a personal level, you should make time to do it. Time we don’t really have next to our busy professional and social lives. But Hal found a solution.

You just put your alarm clock an hour earlier than usual.

Ok, before you run for the hills (I almost did), this is imperative to the concept. Because according to Hal, how you wake up each day dramatically affects your success in every single area of your life. And by starting your day an hour earlier, you create the time you need to work on becoming a better version of yourself.

Hitting the snooze button (inevitably saying “I don’t want to get out of bed”) will start your day on a negative note. Grabbing your phone to scroll through your Facebook timeline isn’t very productive either. But when you get out of bed with a smile on your face you can count on a happier and more successful day. The Miracle Morning promises to make your smile that much wider.


So, what is the Miracle Morning?

Hal advises to use the hour of time you created by implementing what he calls the Life S.A.V.E.R.S. After chugging down a glass of water, brushing your teeth and jumping into a sweat-proof outfit, you will spend time doing the following:

  • Silence by meditation or reflection, practicing gratitude or even praying
  • Repeating your positive affirmations 
  • Picturing your success by visualization
  • Improving your mental and physical health by exercising
  • Reading to broaden your mind
  • And scribing, which stands for writing in a journal or otherwise

These six elements should make your Miracle Morning a success. You are free to do them in any order you like (although it is advised to follow your affirmations up with visualization, and many people prefer exercising at the end of their hour), and for how long you’d like within your designated hour.

The Miracle Morning should help you start your day on a positive and productive note. And the Life S.A.V.E.R.S should help you become a better, healthier, happier and more successful person. Practitioners of the Miracle Morning have described improving their careers, achieving their goals, losing weight, and even report looking forward to waking up every morning, sometimes even being too excited to go to sleep!


The Miracle Morning Challenge

I’m planning to try the Miracle Morning challenge for 30 days. Which I admittedly expect to be a bit of a struggle. As a freelancer I work irregular hours which makes my morning routine a mess. And not so long ago I had trouble sleeping, which makes my bed-routine a bit of a sore spot. The first thing I usually do is make a grab for my iPad (which I know isn’t very beneficial, but I find oddly relaxing). The only structure I have, is completely unproductive. And that is exactly the reason why I feel The Miracle Morning might work for me!

As usual I will invite my braver readers to join me for this 30 day challenge. Feel free to start any time you want; there is no time limit. Make sure to use the #WFWChallenge tag on Instagram and Twitter, as I will too! When I finish my challenge I will write up a challenge report, which you’ll be able to read on the blog.

I even made this handy infographic to keep track of The Miracle Morning approach. Feel free to use it yourself, or even pin it on Pinterest as a handy reminder!


The Miracle Morning infographic - Want for Wellness

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Have you tried the Miracle Morning, or have you considered trying it out? I’d love to hear your thoughts!

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