My 10 favorite personal articles at

My 10 favorite personal articles

Last month, while I was on holiday, I hit the 100 post mark. A milestone, as I generally tend to put a lot of effort into my writings! It inspired me to browse through Want for Wellness and see which articles were most successful and which posts I enjoyed writing the most. The answer was, those of a more personal nature.

Now admittedly, all my posts generally have a personal nature. I started Want for Wellness to share my findings about the various concepts of physical and mental health, and I only write about what drives or interests me. But some articles describe past events in my life, brain-snippets which occupy me endlessly, or bad habits I’m looking to change. In other words; these articles can get pretty damn personal.

This is why I would like to share with you my 10 favorite personal articles, as they occupy a special place in my heart.


My 10 favorite personal articles


How to stop emotional eating with mindfulness

How to stop emotional eating with mindfulness

Although I’ve written about pretty personal things in the past, I really had to bare my soul for this article. Emotional eating has been something which has bothered me for years now, and to be completely truthful to myself (and to my readers) I felt I had to come up with some examples I am not particularly proud of. Fortunately this is also one of the success stories of Want for Wellness: After doing my research (and sharing my findings on the blog) I am a lot more conscious about my emotional eating habits, and can happily say I don’t succumb to it much lately!

Read the article here


The best relationship advice I have ever receivedThe best relationship advice I've ever received, on

Being in my very first relationship – ever since my teens – I am often asked for relationship advice. Although my vast answer is always “communication!” the best relationship advice I received is slightly different… And the story how and by whom it was passed on to me is rather nice too! One of my fondest memories written down on the blog.

Read the article here




The stigma of being a stay-at-home mom 

Although I am broadly schooled and earned myself two bachelor degrees, I made a very deliberate choice to put my career on hold to be a stay-at-home mom. A choice me and the Mister agree wholeheartedly on, and a luxury we feel lucky we can afford. Unfortunately in the day and age of modern feminism, not everyone shares my excitement – or seems to be able to understand or support our decision. This article tells about the judgments I deal with daily, and my mother before me.

Read the article here



How to deal with struggle: A gentle reminder to dance in the rain at

How to deal with struggle: A gentle reminder to dance in the rain

Is there something like a summer depression? Apparently there is. During an extremely hot summer where I was hauled up with my baby in the relative cool of our home all day, my mood made a turn for the worse. When I noticed I started to wish away the days I decided it was time for a gentle reminder of my favorite quote: “Life isn’t about waiting for the storm to pass: It’s about learning to dance in the rain”.

Read the article here



How I decluttered the house (my first taste of minimalism)

Minimalism is a trend I didn’t quite catch before this. But when I noticed we kept dragging an assorted range of clutter and crap from house to house, I decided enough is enough. This article is personal because I summed up what kind of clutter has been clogging up my home; a hopefully recognizable feat for anyone who reads it!

Read the article here



5 life lessons I learned since becoming a parent

Ever since I became a mother I feel more settled in my skin. The personal growth I have gone through feels immense, and as this seems to be a reoccurring topic for many new parents I felt it would be nice to share my vision on the subject. These 5 life lessons often go beyond parenting though, and truthfully I wish I would have realized these things earlier – as they would have made my life more easy!

Read the article here 



Staying positive when you are sick (or my story about Hyperemesis Gravidarum or HG) on

Staying positive when you are sick: My story about Hyperemesis Gravidarum or HG

Although I tried giving this article a more general twist by sharing tips on how to stay positive when you are sick, I also felt obligated as a blogger with this condition to write an article about it. Because HG – or extreme pregnancy nausea – still gets laughed off as “regular morning sickness” rather than a condition which (left untreated) can be fatal to both mother and child.

Read the article here


How to be a good listener and the mistakes I’ve been makingHow to be a good listener at

At some point in my recent life I decided my listening skills could really use a touch-up. I looked back at how I used to listen to people, how I currently listen to people, and tried to find a middle ground. The funny thing about this article is that, after I polled my findings and my new listening-resolutions with my loved ones, they wholeheartedly disagreed and thought I was too strict with myself. Nonetheless, it’s never too late to learn – so I decided to take my own advice to heart anyway.

Read the article here


Making new holiday traditions (and leaving the old in the past)

Christmas was around the corner, and after having just started a family I realized I was struggling with my own childhood traditions. Some which will simply never return. Writing this article was therapeutic, as I finally started to grasp what was bothering me about the holidays. And it was an excellent moment to start new traditions of my own!

Read the article here




A highly inconclusive personality test: What character do children assign you? An article on www.wantforwellness.comWhat kind of character do children assign you? A highly inconclusive personality test (or how I ended up a My Little Pony)

And last but not least, my favorite article to date! It started as a funny brain-fart which ended up being a nice and unique little article about how children perceive the world – and what we can learn from their findings. With big thanks to my little niece (who by now, isn’t so little anymore!) and a good glass of Chardonnay.

Read the article here



Do you blog, and what are your favorite personal articles? Or which one of my personal articles do you like best? Feel free to share in the comment section!


My 10 favorite personal articles at

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    ahw thanks voor het delen en voor de inspiratie!

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    Congrats on the 100 posts! All the posts you’ve mentioned in this sound like wonderful reads so I’m bookmarking for my bus journey home!

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      Ha I hope you’ll like them then!! 🙂

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    This is a great way to revitalize some old content! I love this! I am going to bookmark it and when I have some time I’ll come through and give them a read! Thanks for sharing!

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      Thanks Kat! I have to say it gave me a sense of pride to put this list together: I’ve come a long way! I hope you’ll enjoy the read!

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    This is a great way to show of your favourites, and it’s given a new reader like me a better idea of what I can find on your blog. I’m off to read more, thanks!

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