My favorite at home workouts

My favorite at home workouts

Sometimes you simply don’t feel like leaving your house to exercise. The time of day, the weather, or simply a lack of motivation can be reasons to huddle up and stay at home. But instead of dropping your behind on the couch, you can consider doing a short workout in the comfort of your own space! I’m sharing my favorite at home workouts with you, including tips to get you started.


Weight training

If you’re a strength training fan like me, you might think you’ll never have the equipment at home you can find at the gym. That’s definitely true, but that doesn’t mean you can’t practice a bit of weight training at home! Get yourself a couple of small dumbbells (I have a set of 5 lbs, and I would like another set of 10 lbs) and some ancle weights and consider choosing to do more repetitions. If you’re used to heavier weight this might sound like peanuts, but I find that doing more repetitions really gives a different and interesting workout!

Curious what exercises to do besides the obvious rows and curls? Search Pinterest for clear schematics and routines! I’ve been using one for toned arms and one for a sexy bum



Yoga is easy to practice from home, as it requires no equipment and little space. Although there are terrific apps which show you the different poses and how to execute them, I prefer doing a video guided routine. With a gradual build-up (and often some time to meditate afterwards) you’ll be assured to have a good and relaxing workout!

I’d advise you to opt for a yoga mat. It provides your feet from slipping in certain positions, and it also gives you a barrier between you and some accumulated dust on the floor (you know, when it’s really time to vacuum)!


Body Balance

This workout developed by Les Mills is in fact a combination between yoga, pilates and tai chi. Like with regular yoga, you need little requirements to get going. Unfortunately, Les Mills is very careful not to spread any workout videos of their routines which will require you to visit a class before you can get started. I can tell you it’s worth your while; the build-up is incredibly well thought out and the entire routine is done on a relaxing track list with catchy songs.

You can look up the track lists for the different routines and look them up on Spotify. This way you’ll be able to recreate the music at home!


Jump rope

I wouldn’t advise you to do this indoors (ropes swinging through your living room, knocking down lamps and vases) but if you have a backyard or even a balcony this might be the thing for you. A jump rope is cheap, you probably learned how to operate one when you were a kid and it provides a full body workout! It might take a while to master the technique, but once you do you’ll be burning more calories than you would on a regular run.

Although I tried several jump ropes (from those recommended for crossfit to the fluorescent ones your cousins play with) I feel that preferences on this piece of equipment vary. My only advice would be to choose one with a plastic cord rather than one from fiber, as it has a better weight and balance.


Hula hoop

No, hula hooping isn’t just a circus act or children’s game anymore: A couple of years ago it was a fierce trend in women’s fitness! With regular use it tones the waist, abdomen, legs and buttocks. And with a bit of music on it’s fun, too!

Admittedly this isn’t an exercise I do regularly, as my current hoop is too light to my liking. But I’m planning to purchase a weighted hula hoop soon!

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What are your favorite at home workouts? Feel free to share them in the comments!

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    A really nice article from you guys. A really nice effort.

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    Thanks for sharing! lots of love

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    Jump rope is a lot of fun and so good as a quick mini workout! 🙂
    – Ambar | Her Little Loves

    • Reply Nathalie May 21, 2016 at 05:47

      I agree! I’d recommend putting on some shoes though (instead of going barefoot or on your house-slippers… learned that the bad way ; )

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