Organic Watercolor desktop wallpapers at

Organic watercolor desktop wallpapers

Winter has put everything under a magical spell of frost, forcing us inside. And because the key to tackling winter depression is to embrace the season, I decided to introduce a bit of potted spring into our home. Our livingroom is now adorned with hyacinths, orchids and hedera. So why not spice up your desktop, while you’re at it?  I took the time to make a collection of beautiful, organic watercolor desktop wallpapers. All of these are made by the respective artists to freely use to spice up your laptop or pc. Enjoy!


Organic watercolor desktop wallpapers on

Organic watercolor desktop wallpapers

In order of appearance (from left to right and top to bottom):

1: Banana leaves by Uma Gokhale (download at DesignLoveFest)

2: Potted cacti (download at The Lovely Drawer)

3: Succulents in bowls (download at DesignLoveFest)

4: Palm leaves by Ashley le Quere (download at DesignLoveFest)

5: Assorted leaves by L. Gardner (download at DesignLoveFest)

6: Potted plant by Our Heiday (download at DesignLoveFest)

7: Grow Tall (download at The Lovely Drawer)

8: Spikey palm leaves (download at Pixi mit Milch)

Which are your favorites?

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