How to deal with struggle: A gentle reminder to dance in the rain at
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How to deal with struggle: A gentle reminder to dance in the rain

There’s a beautiful expression I try to live by: “Life isn’t about waiting for the storm to pass. It’s about learning to dance in the rain.” This expression has always appealed to me because:

A) You shouldn’t waste your life waiting for better times to come and

B) I love me a bit of rain, no matter the season

Unfortunately, I can’t really remember the last time the soil around here has seen a little rain. And that in a country which is famed for dreary summers.

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Healthy no cook meal recipes for hot summer days

Summer has just started, and it has been bringing us weeks of blistering heat already! Although I am blessed with a well-insulated and cool home, I do try my best to keep it that way. So as soon as the temperature rises over 25C I put a lock on both the stove and the oven, and resort to what I lovingly call “cold cooking” – which truth be told, doesn’t involve any cooking at all. It is a sure way to keep the house cool for as long as possible! I’d like to take this opportunity to share my favorite and healthy no cook meal recipes with you, perfect for the summer days yet to come.

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Wellness roundup for June 2018 at

Wellness Roundup for June 2018

June went by in a heartbeat! I struggled to find time to blog – but succeeded by writing both a long article and creating a new challenge. I had some close animal encounters which I shared on Twitter, and I binged a mental-health themed series which will get a second season this August. Read all about it in the Wellness Roundup for June 2018!

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30 day gratitude challenge at
30-day challenge

The 30 Day Gratitude Challenge

Practicing gratitude is a famed subject in several methods to achieve happiness, and not without reason. It costs nothing, takes little effort and with regular practice your view on life should drastically change – for the better. That’s why it’s time to put gratitude to the test, with this 30 Day Gratitude Challenge!

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5 life lessons I learned since becoming a parent on
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5 life lessons I learned since becoming a parent

Throughout life we learn several important lessons which (hopefully) makes us a little smarter and a little wiser. Personally I felt motherhood was such a milestone in my personal development, and when I started to think about it there were several lessons I learned which will also help me later in life. This is why I would like to share these 5 life lessons I learned since becoming a parent with you. They might sound familiar, or they might give you some insights as well!

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Wellness Roundup for May 2018 on

Wellness roundup for May 2018

This month I had to go deep to write about a personal problem I’ve been meaning to tackle, got my first article published as a guest-writer, pondered about my inspirational sources and fed my infatuation for teenage television series. Read all about it in this Wellness Roundup for May 2018! Continue Reading

How to stop emotional eating with mindfulness on
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How to stop emotional eating with mindfulness

Eating is one of the necessities we need to meet to stay alive. Unfortunately in the Western world where food is generally available in abundance, we sometimes use food to substitute for something else. Sadness. Loneliness. Boredom. But also when we celebrate, food tends to take on a prominent role on which we indulge more than we should – and often for all the wrong reasons. In short: Emotional eating. This is an article which describes a solution to this problem: How to stop emotional eating with mindfulness. And as I have a tendency to emotionally eat myself, all of this is covered from a personal – maybe recognizable – perspective.

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Why I choose interval training instead of regular running on

Why I choose interval training instead of regular running

I love running outdoors. In fact, after I moved out of the city to the countryside, I started to make an effort to become a little better at it. I simply love seeing the world flash by on my own accord, with the sun on my face. So I recently picked up running again and I decided to spice things up a little… This article tells you all about why I choose interval training instead of regular running!

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Spring self-care on

Spring self-care: 10 ways to practice self-care this spring

Self-care isn’t attached to a particular season. Ideally, self-care should be woven into our daily routine, whether it’s summer, fall, winter or spring. But as every season gifts us with it’s own particular peculiarities, we shouldn’t leave an opportunity to enjoy these unused! These 10 tips will effortlessly kick off your spring self-care routine. Have fun and enjoy the season!

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