Self-care challenge report part 1
Challenge report

Self-care challenge report part 1

Everybody needs a little self-care once in a while. This week I reviewed my morning routine, got inspired to pick up and old hobby, and coincidentally ran into a hauntingly beautiful natural phenomenon (which of course, demanded some research)! Read all about my first week into the 30 day self-care challenge, right here.


30 day self-care challenge

Unfamiliar with the 30 day self-care challenge? Read all about it right here.


Self-care challenge report: part 1

Day 1: Watch a TedX talk and be inspired

At the end of the day, I decide to watch one of the most popular TedX talks of all times: “Why we do what we do“. I didn’t get that typical “this really hits home” feeling you get with some Ted Talks (like one of my personal favorites “Do schools kill creativity?“), but it’s always nice to perceive people’s views on things.

Day 2: Drink at least 2L / 70oz of water

I have to admit this is an easy one for me, as I mainly drink water throughout the day. I reached my 2 liters in no time!

Day 3: Create a new morning routine

“Alright,” I murmer in the only free fifteen minutes I could find with today’s cranky baby on my hands. My current routine is very laid back (getting my daughter out of her crib, feeding her in bed, cuddle and play until we feel we’re ready to start the day), and I’m not sure whether I’m willing to change that up just yet. The “newborn” phase is shooting by, and I know I have years of hasty mornings ahead of me (for which I’ll gladly get up an hour early to do some lovely Miracle Morning routines)! So instead, I decide to alter things a little bit. I target what I can improve, and weave them into my new morning routine with as much ease I can muster. My new resolutions include drinking my first water before I get out of bed, and doing my affirmations right after the first feeding.

Day 4: Clean up your social media feeds

I enthusiastically open up my facebook account to run through my friends list. I realize there’s pretty much nothing to clean up. All people are properly filtered (family, friends, acquaintances) and I don’t feel there are people spamming my feed who I don’t find interesting. I end up deleting one contact, which is a highschool friend I’ve been out of touch with since… Well, highschool. Since we never even exchange birthday wishes, I bet she won’t miss me.

Day 5: Stretch all your muscles

Ahh, I was looking forward to this one. Despite how easy the practice is, I never seem to find the time or the patience to do an extended stretching session. I even grabbed my foam roller to really loosen up my shoulders. Good stuff <3

Day 6: Do something creative

I have plans. Big plans. Now that I have a child of my own I tend to start thinking back to beautiful childhood memories. One of my fondest is painting with my grandfather. He used to keep his easel in the bedroom he shared with my grandmother, together with his oil paints. I still love the smell of terpentine and the feeling of paint stuck under my fingernails. So I thought I’d paint. Maybe not with oil, but with acrylics. Unfortunately today I don’t have the materials, nor the time to pick up this old hobby. At least I have my grandfather’s easel waiting for me at my home-office.

Instead I thought about changing up the photo-wall above our bed. It could really do with a couple of new prints! So I made a nice composition and ordered them right away. That also counts as something creative, right?

Day 7: Research an unfamiliar topic

Completely by coincidence I run into an image of a scar caused by being struck by lightning. After a little research I find out it’s a Lichtenberg figure. It’s oddly beautiful!


Feel like practicing a little self-care?

Do you want to get started yourself? Use this useful infographic!

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