Self-care challenge report part 2
Challenge report

Self-care challenge report part 2

This week some unexpected setbacks made me long for a lot of self-care. But did I manage to get my tasks done? Read all about my second week into the 30 day self-care challenge!


30 day self-care challenge

Unfamiliar with the 30 day self-care challenge? Read all about it right here.

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Self-care challenge report: part 2

Day 8: Cook a healthy meal

When I finally find some time to have dinner, I open up the fridge. A near empty fridge. Tomorrow I definitely have to do some groceries. I cheat a little by grabbing our belated babyshower’s leftovers (mom’s potato tortilla!) and whipping up a lovely salad.

Day 9: De-clutter a room or workspace

Observant readers might have noticed I switched today’s and tomorrow’s tasks around. Because I really need to clean out the shed, and the work it takes definitely counts as more than one de-clutter job. So I get at it, and after a couple of hours I proudly behold a heap of stuff that can be binned. And I have to say, it feels great!

Day 10: Practice meditation

I had a bit of an accident during my shed-cleaning adventure yesterday. After a trip to the doctor I find out I was bitten by a bug. On the inside of my eye. The result; not one, but soon two heavily swollen eyes weeping snot. You can imagine Bear Grylls being stung by a nest of Africanized bees had nothing on me. Needless to say, I wasn’t up for practicing meditation. Although admittedly, I could have done with a little bit of zen.

Day 11: Practice yoga

I skip this day too. Doing yoga while your eyeballs feel like bursting has nothing to do with self-care!

Day 12: Define what gives you stress

Stress. Right now, having an obscured vision (while having to take care of a baby) gives me stress. Although I could definitely do with a little self-care to keep my head straight, it’s hard to do my designated challenges. Instead I take a nap together with the babe. But before I fall asleep, I do put into words which situations make me nervous. I consider it an unexpected victory! Mission accomplished.

Day 13: Watch a documentary

I watch a recorded episode of Louis Theroux: “Under the knife”. It’s all about plastic surgery, and to my surprise, he even gets himself some liposuction! Louis, you never cease to amaze me.

Day 14: Groom yourself

An extended visitation together with a summer cold forced me to take it easy today. Despite the fact a good grooming session sounds so refreshing! I decide to make up for it tomorrow, and plan to visit my hairdresser.


Feel like practicing a little self-care?

Do you want to get started yourself? Use this useful infographic!

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