Self-care challenge report part 3
Challenge report

Self-care challenge report part 3

This week is the third into the 30 day self-care challenge. I decided to pick up a good old habit again, struggled more with a new dietary practice than I expected, and managed to do some serious soul-searching. Read all about it in the self-care challenge report part 3!


30 day self-care challenge

Unfamiliar with the 30 day self-care challenge? Read all about it right here.

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Self-care challenge report: part 3

Day 15: Make a gratitude list

I’ve been keeping a gratitude journal off and on for a while now (thanks to the Miracle Morning challenge). I dust it off and instead of focusing on the big picture (my baby, the Mister, my health, etc.) I decide getting into the little things I’m grateful for. I start with:

“I am grateful that I didn’t have to sit next to that smelly looking man at the hairdressers'” (after walking in unannounced and finding out there’s a one hour waiting-time).

I end with saying how happy I am there will be a new Game of Thrones episode waiting for me tonight. But all these little statements of appreciation truly remind me that I should grab my gratitude journal more often. It makes me feel more at peace with myself.

Day 16: Clean out your e-mail inbox

After deleting all unwanted messages in my e-mail inboxes, I strictly review my hierarchy. I’ve heard so much about that “delete everything you’ve read” system, it almost made me enthusiastic enough “to go ctrl-a + del on all their asses”. Then I change my mind. With today’s search options, I feel no need to let go of all my (business) emails just yet. So this time, a global clean-up is exactly to my likings.

Day 17: Be vegan / vegetarian for a day

When I started today, I thought this task would be easy as pie. I used to go vegetarian for days on end without effort. But since my pregnancy I’ve been vigorously binging on raw meats like filet americain and roast beef. It really left me in a rut there for a moment – which was pretty confronting. Apparently food has become a bit of an issue to me, one way or another. So I decide to man up and spread some pesto on my toast instead. And I end today with a lovely vegetarian meal, which includes a bunch of steamed vegetables and a salad with chicory, strawberries and goats cheese. Vegetarian for a day: Check, check, double check.

Day 18: Create a new evening routine

As I mentioned when this challenge required me to review my morning routine, I’m a bit hesitant to push myself into any rigorous changes which I might end up regretting later. I like having a relaxed and flexible approach when I start (and end) my days: There will be plenty of time in the future to fall back on a blissful (and probably then much needed) routine. So I keep it simple. I review my current evening beauty-regimen and decide to expand on it a little. Making time to clean my face, apply moisturizer and brush my hair really calms me down before it’s time to turn in. I also plan to bring a cup of chamomile tea to bed with me at night. Only when I feel like it, of course. There is no room for pressure in self-care!

Day 19: Try something new

This day was full of promise. “Try something new!” The wildest ideas buzzed through my head. Starting a trial at a new gym in the neighborhood. Trying a new sport all together. Bungee jumping! With the remnants of a sore throat, none of these ideas sound like a solid plan. So instead I grab my daughter, hoist her in our mei-tai carrier, and go for a long walk through the woods. That’s a first I tell you, since I’ve pretty much only been wheeling her around since the c-section. But having her bound to my chest really provides a work-out, not to mention a completely new view for my daughter. Although she slept half the way, I come home completely knackered. Good thing I didn’t decide to go bungee jumping ūüėČ

Day 20: Write down who you need to forgive

Yep, I switched another day. As I had another day full of baby-related visits and I knew I was going out the next day, I decided to look at this difficult task at hand. Because even when I created this challenge, I knew this day would be one of heavy self-reflection.

I try not to be rancorous, but I never received the “forgive people to give yourself peace” memo. But today I really try my best to grasp the concept. Although I still find it too confronting to actually write the names down, I decided to make a mental list. Which is, – I’m glad to say – pretty short.

Day 21: Go for a walk

We usually reserve Sundays to do something fun with our newfound family. Although we’re looking forward to the days we can actually¬†do something¬†with¬†our 4 month old daughter (the petting-zoo, playgrounds, museums, swimming pools, etc.) we take these days pretty seriously. Since we’ve been receiving a lot of visitors in the weekends, we decide to keep it easy and go for a quiet lunch in the woods. We sit under a parasol while a summer rain cloud passes by, and talk and have lunch while we play with our little girl’s feet. Afterwards we take a nice walk, just the three of us. I love seeing the mister walk behind the stroller <3


Feel like practicing a little self-care?

Do you want to get started yourself? Use this useful infographic!

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