Self-care challenge report part 4
Challenge report

Self-care challenge report part 4

During my final days into this challenge, I truly started to grasp the concept of self-care. Read all about it in the fourth and last challenge report of the 30 day self-care challenge!


30 day self-care challenge

Unfamiliar with the 30 day self-care challenge? Read all about it right here.

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Self-care challenge report: part 4

Day 22: Get rid of 3 things you don’t use

I thought I could do this one at the comfort of my own desk. All I felt I needed to do was open up one of the drawers, and toss something out. I start by picking up a Spanish hand fan. When do you ever use a hand fan? Then I remember whom I got it from and carefully put it back. I also find a pair of tealights (lavender scented). But I don’t see how I’d never end up using those. I end up tossing a smudged test-print for our daughter’s birthcard, a couple of expired bankcards and an old stack of post-its. But since I suddenly became very aware how disorganized my desk drawers are (tealights and a hand fan among your office utensils, come on!) I know this stuff will be the first of many things to go.

Day 23: Have a long shower or bubble bath

I still bless the day I moved into a house with a tub. When my daughter’s asleep for the night I run a warm, luxurious bath. With my book in one hand and a glass of wine in the other, I’m happy as can be. Self-care, awww yisssss.

Day 24: Write a love letter to yourself

See day 28.

Day 25: Have a social media free day

I forgot all about this challenge when I start my morning. When I notice the task at hand it’s already past noon, and I must have checked my facebook several times. A strong wake-up call on what a mindless occupation social media can be. I manage to stay away from facebook for the rest of the day, but not without trouble. At least I didn’t comment on anything!

Day 26: Drink at least 5 cups of green tea

I start my first cup of green tea when we visit our friend and her new baby. By the end of the day I went to the toilet so often, I need no reminder about the benefits of this drink*.

* In case I made you wonder: It isn’t explosive diarrhea, but an increase of the expulsion of urine (and toxins).

Day 27: Say positive affirmations

I usually start my day with affirmations. In fact, I have a reminder on my phone just for that purpose. Today I twist things up a little by adding a new one. Or two. And before bed time, I might even squeeze in a third one.

Day 28: Do one thing you’ve been putting off

The first thing that comes to mind is to clean out my junk cabinet. Yep, I don’t just have one, but a staggering amount of three massive junk drawers. I even have a couple of smaller boxes to sort out the little tidbits.

But the one thing I’ve really been putting off is day 24’s task: “Write yourself a love letter”. Surprisingly enough I don’t feel silly about the idea of addressing myself affectionately, but I do predict (with all that’s been going on during my pregnancy and labor) that it will be an emotional ordeal. I guess a sign I should pat myself on the shoulder a little more often.

I even manage to put it off until half an hour before I go to bed, while the bath is running. But it’s out there. It’s out there. In that .doc nobody will ever get to see.

Day 29: Try a new physical exercise

I got to be honest with you; I was planning to take a trial membership on that new gym (see last week’s challenge report, day 19), but I totally forgot. If it helps anything, I have been vigorously cleaning the house. Not quite a new exercise, but surely a physical one!

Day 30: Define some short-term goals

I have to tell you; this challenge really stimulated me to think about what I want to change in my life. And although it isn’t much, there were surely some major things I felt I needed to fix. It feels good to point them out. Needless to say, I made a couple of phone calls, sent a couple of e-mails, and made a reservation for a weekend away – just the three of us. The self-care shouldn’t end here!



After 30 days of pampering mind, body and soul I have to blow my own horn a little: This challenge was both educational and enjoyable! Being driven to do something exclusively for the benefit of your own well-being every day really makes you feel stimulated and nourished.

Although I created this challenge with the fact I have a newborn baby in mind, I did run into some trouble completing my tasks some days. I simply couldn’t find the time I needed, the weather wasn’t great, or I wound up wanting to do something else completely. But that was the educational bit. We’re talking a self-care challenge here, not a this-is-an-intervention:do-your-tasks-or-suffer-the-consequences challenge. So I allowed myself some freedom to switch things up, or even to take a lazy approach. When it comes to self-care, there’s no need to needlessly pressure yourself. So here’s my tip for anyone who wants to take on this challenge: Aim to be inspired, and use the infographic for guidance. Avoid limiting yourself because one day or another, things won’t work out the way you planned. Because that too is self-care!


Feel like practicing a little self-care?

Do you want to get started yourself? Use this useful infographic!

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