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Spring self-care: 10 ways to practice self-care this spring

Self-care isn’t attached to a particular season. Ideally, self-care should be woven into our daily routine, whether it’s summer, fall, winter or spring. But as every season gifts us with it’s own particular peculiarities, we shouldn’t leave an opportunity to enjoy these unused! These 10 tips will effortlessly kick off your spring self-care routine. Have fun and enjoy the season!


10 Spring self-care ideas

Cuddle up with (baby) animals

There’s little more therapeutic than cuddling up with a pet. And although not all animals are suitable for extended cuddling sessions, to me, just being around them also goes a long way! Spring is the season of birth, and if you know where to look you can spend a couple of gleeful hours in the vicinity of baby animals. Consider visiting the petting zoo (also when you don’t have any kids to bring along), as they often have little lambs or chicks out this time of year. Or ask around if your friends or family just happen to have a litter of puppies or kittens. But also when you don’t have any new animal offspring around, make sure to cuddle up with your family pet: It has been proven to work wonders on your mood!

Take a mindful walk through nature

Early spring is ripe with the anticipation for summer. Plan a walk through nature, but make sure to make it mindful*. Open up your senses and fill yourself with the joy of impending spring. You’ll notice that the birds are whistling that much louder, that the air carries a more earthy scent thanks to the spring rains, and you can see budding leaves on the branches if you care to look close enough.

* Looking for some pointers on the subject? I’ve recently written an article on mindfulness which will help you on your way.

Have an outdoor meal

We all know summer is ideal for outdoor dinners, but why not consider having lunch in the early spring sun? Sure you’ll have to leave your jacket on, but it will be a welcome change from staying inside during the winter. Opt for a nice terrace in town (with a hot cup of fresh mint tea), or enjoy a home-made lunch in your own backyard. Even if you have a balcony the size of a post-stamp you’ll be able to enjoy your coffee and a fresh croissant from the baker there!

Plan a seasonally appropriate beauty routine

Milder weather generally requires lighter formulas than we use in winter. And if you weren’t using an SPF during the cold months, it is certainly time to look for one now. But your skin isn’t the only part of your body that could do with a change of routine: Many women shave more often during the warmer months, use a different type of deodorant, or paint their toenails now that those cute peep-toe pumps are being taken out again. Design a new habit to implement your seasonal beauty needs, making sure you’ll feel at your best every day of the week!

Treat yourself to a full-body scrub

Being cooped up inside next to the heater doesn’t really work wonders on your skin. Prepare your limbs for a bit of sunshine by giving them a vigorous sugar or salt based scrub*. Doing this will increase the blood flow, removes dead skin cells and any tan you might pick up during the next couple of weeks will stick longer.

* I love the sea-salt body scrubs by Sabon, like this jasmine scented one. They come in a beautiful glass jar which will look beautiful in every bathroom, too!

Change up the air in your house

We rarely ventilate our house often enough during the cold winter months. Spring is the time to start up that old habit again! Open up your windows and switch that old stuffy air for a fresh spring breeze. To keep that feeling of freshness, consider getting a scent diffuser with a smell you’ll adore.

Spice up your room with a bit of greenery

I love flowers as much as the next girl. But the practical woman in me prefers potted plants. They last longer, and in the right quantity and with the right placement they can bring the outdoors inside. My absolute favorites are the leafy spathiphyllum plants which also spring white elongated flowers: They seem impossible to kill (warning you well in advance that they need water by going limp, rather than crumpling up) and they are known for their air-purifying properties. If you do want to go for something more traditional and floral for spring, make sure to consider potted bulbs like hyacinths or narcissuses!

Use up the old (so you can bring in the new)

Winter and summer differ from one another like night and day. This doesn’t only go for the season in general, but also the products we use during. Your freezer might be stacked with filling soups and mashes, your wine cabinet filled with beautiful cloying reds, and your makeup table laden with heavy evening perfumes. Early spring is the time to use these up and trade them in for lighter varieties. They keywords for spring and summer are breezy, citrus, floral, light and airy. Make sure to mindfully make the transition by savoring the memories your winter tidbits brought you, and enjoying the process of finding seasonally appropriate replacements.

Make new health resolutions

Remember making your new year’s resolutions? I do too. Lose a little weight, drink more green tea, go to bed a little earlier… If you were a little too optimistic at the start of the year, why not give yourself another chance at the start of spring? Although summer is a season of enjoyment on it’s own, it is the perfect moment to keep an eye out for your health. The warmer weather gives us the opportunity to spend more time outside and be more active. A great chance to review (and keep up with) your health resolutions!

Spring self-care on www.wantforwellness.com

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What are your spring self-care plans?

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