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30-day challenge

The 30 Day Gratitude Challenge

Practicing gratitude is a famed subject in several methods to achieve happiness, and not without reason. It costs nothing, takes little effort and with regular practice your view on life should drastically change – for the better. That’s why it’s time to put gratitude to the test, with this 30 Day Gratitude Challenge!


The benefits of practicing gratitude

Ok, I have go admit that I already had a chance to get acquainted with practicing gratitude during the Happiness Advantage Challenge, and by doing the Miracle Morning Challenge (in which practicing gratitude is a daily occurrence). But despite sporadically keeping a gratitude journal, the habit never really stuck. Which is truly a shame, when you consider the benefits!

A quick search online described the following advantages of regularly practicing gratitude – by for example, writing down what you’re grateful for every day in a designated journal:

  • Increases the quality of relationships
  • Decreases negative emotions like jealousy, regret and resentment
  • Enhances empathy
  • Reduces aggression
  • Improves self-esteem and mental strength

And, as the famous quote so eloquently states: “Gratitude turns what we have into enough.” In other words, by simply practicing gratitude we should feel more calm, happy and satisfied without gathering more financial or material means.

Gratitude is free and it increases your quality of life. What’s not to love about that?

That’s why it’s time to start making gratitude a regular practice. And this 30 day gratitude challenge is the perfect way to get acquainted with the concept, or in my case – to start the habit!


The 30 day gratitude challenge

For this challenge you need very little. All you need is your mind and a designated notebook to write down your thoughts.

Every day a couple of keywords will move your thoughts in the direction of a specific topic. As these subjects will vary, your mind will be trained to practice gratefulness in different ways. Some topics might be easy, some might look silly, and some might be a little hard, but every assignment directs you to the same goal: To get your gratitude practice going and reap the benefits that come with it!

Feel free to use this handy infographic (and feel free to share it on social media to show people what you’re up to)!

30 Day Gratitude Challenge at www.wantforwellness.com infographic


The 30 day gratitude challenge pointers

Start every day by saying “I am grateful about my/this [keyword] because …”

Write down everything that comes to mind. Make sure you let your thoughts roam free. You’re writing this journal solely for yourself and not for others, so let go of any pretenses. And allow your tone to be positive, even if you might end up sounding a little quirky!


Day 1: Physical appearance

Write down what you like about your looks. For which of your outer aspects are you grateful? If you have trouble finding something you like, try and remember compliments you have received in the past to inspire you.

Day 2: Household appliance

Which household appliance are you grateful for? Maybe something that makes your life easier, or something which helps you save time? Maybe there are appliances that help you perform your hobby.

Day 3: Childhood memory

Are there childhood memories which made you into the person you are today? Or do you remember a moment in which you learned a lesson you still live by?

Day 4: Gift

What have been the favorite gifts you have ever received? It can be something material you cherish, but make sure to consider an abstract view on this keyword too (like a piece of advice, a person, or a life lesson).

Day 5: Book

Which book has entertained you for evenings on end? Maybe there is a book which brings back cherished memories, or novel which taught you something important.

Day 6: Family member

For which family members are you grateful to have them in your life? I you have a troublesome relationship with some, you might try and give this a positive twist by looking for what you learned from these.

Day 7: Character trait

Which personality traits are you grateful for? You could consider naming qualities which help you during difficult times, or which others appreciate in you (and are helpful to them).

Day 8: Technological gadget

Are there gadgets you are grateful for having in your life? Make sure to consider exactly why these make you happy to gain more insight in your personal needs.

Day 9: Song

Is there a song you life which has a special meaning to you? It could be a song which never ceases to cheer you up, a song which reminds you of a special day, or a song that otherwise has a special meaning to you.

Day 10: Holiday

What holiday you’ve had are you grateful for? Or maybe it is a holiday you’ve only just arranged? Write down what about it makes you feel gratitude.

Day 11: Compliment

Are you grateful for a compliment you’ve received, or one you’ve given? What other person was involved?

Day 12: Achievement

What achievements are you grateful for? Is it a personal achievement, or one that involves your career? Make sure to write down your motivation in detail.

Day 13: Movie

Is there a movie you are particularly grateful for? Why is that you think?

Day 14: Person who has passed

Which person (or people) who have deceased are you grateful for to have known? Try to remember what feelings they invoked and how their past presence still makes an impression on you today.

Day 15: Vanity item

Are there items you don’t really need, but which you are grateful for anyway? Think about cosmetics, gadgets, decorative items, etc.

Day 16: Skill

Is there a skill you possess for which you are particularly grateful? If you have trouble thinking of a skill, try to remember compliments you have received in the past about something you have done.

Day 17: Mental health 

What are you grateful for, considering your mental health? Have you been feeling well lately, or have you been feeling a little down? In the latter case, try to be grateful for what you can, rather than cannot do.

Day 18: Food

Is there a particular food you are grateful about? Or are you maybe just happy to be sufficiently fed in the first place? Try to write down your reason in detail.

Day 19: Friend

For what friend (or which of your friends) are you especially grateful? Why is that? Try to remember why these people invoke feelings of gratitude.

Day 20: Failure

Think about what you consider your worst failures in life, and try to express gratitude about what you have learned from these.

Day 21: Hobby

Which hobby you practice makes you feel grateful to have? Remind yourself how practicing this hobby makes you feel, and how you otherwise benefit from it.

Day 22: Opportunity

For which opportunities you have had – personally or in business – would you like to express gratitude? Try to be creative with this one as the concept is as abstract as you’d like.

Day 23: Physical health 

What are you grateful for considering your physical health? Have you been feeling well, or have you been sick? Try to look on the bright side if there are any bad.

Day 24: Letter

Is there a letter (or an e-mail, or even a birthday card) you are grateful for receiving? Try and describe exactly why you are grateful for this letter.

Day 25: Advice

Try and remember about different pieces of advice you have received. Why are you grateful for these? From whom did you receive this advice? Do you still live by it, or should you remind yourself of this advice more often?

Day 26: Art

Is there a piece of art you are grateful for? You don’t have to consider yourself particularly artistic to answer this question: Think along the line of paintings (and illustrations), sculptures, poems, or even particular architecture.

Day 27: Influence

Which influence has had a lasting impact on your life? Does it come from a person, a teaching, a religion or is it a more general concept like media or fashion? Why are you grateful for it’s presence?

Day 28: Challenge

What challenge (or even hardship) are you grateful to have known? Try to replace any bitter feelings you might have for feelings of gratitude for what you have learned from the situation.

Day 29: Romance

Have you been in love? Been in a relationship? Are you currently involved? Write down what you are grateful for about your (past) romance. Try to name things that go deeper than the surface.

Day 30: Life lesson

Are there lessons you’ve learned which you will benefit from for the rest of your life? How has this lesson helped you so far?


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Have fun on this 30 day gratitude challenge!

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  • Reply Forever38.com (Vera) July 23, 2018 at 13:51

    Wow, that’s a nice challenge. I am used to expressing gratitude, but I end up repeating the same topics over and over again. Your challenge forces one to really think about other, out-of-the-box things as well. I think I will give this challenge a try. Thanks for sharing !

    • Reply Nathalie July 23, 2018 at 14:17

      I am happy to hear that! I only thought this approach would be valuable if you weren’t used to practicing gratitude already, but it’s nice to hear it’s applicable for regular practitioners too! I hope you’ll have fun doing the challenge 🙂

  • Reply Mrs. Sweetspot June 28, 2018 at 16:59

    I think I’ll give this a try. I’ve practiced gratitude in a lot of ways, but never with this type of prompt. I’m excited to start.

    • Reply Nathalie June 28, 2018 at 19:19

      Same here! I hope you’ll enjoy it 🙂

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