The Miracle Morning Challenge Report: Part 1
Challenge report

The Miracle Morning Challenge Report: Part 1

What if I told you there is a way to start your mornings quietly, happily and blissfully? That you can build a foundation for a great and successful day? Hal Elrod’s famed Miracle Morning method promises exactly that. As this challenge already feels rather eventful, I’m splitting it up in two parts. The first week will be described in this article, and the remainder of the 30 days in a second. This is the Miracle Morning Challenge Report for my first week “on the job”!


The Miracle Morning

Want to read more about Hal Elrod’s the Miracle Morning? You can read all about the method and the 30 day challenge in this article.

The Miracle Morning infographic - Want for Wellness


The Miracle Morning Challenge Report: Part 1

day 0

A day zero? Yes indeed. Because it’s Monday, and despite my plans to start this challenge I didn’t. It’s a national holiday. I felt I had to form some personal affirmations before I started. I had to… Well, obviously, I made up a lot of excuses. Truth be told I’m a little nervous to start this challenge. I put my thoughts into words in my Weekly Wellness article. Afterwards I make the same confession on the Miracle Morning Community page, which I immediately felt was a motivating and welcoming place to share your thoughts on the topic. I’m setting my alarm clock at 07:30 AM and decide to think a little less, and do a little more.

day 1

I wake up 15 minutes before my alarm goes off. I brush my teeth, drink some water and rub whatever has missed my mouth across my face. This doesn’t feel so bad! As I wrote a global plan (or a couple of them, to be exact) on how to fill in my Miracle Morning I decide to grab my phone and set an alarm for the amount of minutes I want to spend on each of the SAVERS. Time flies by, and although I thought 5 minutes on affirmations or visualization might turn out to be a little too long to my taste, I could have spent double the minutes without getting bored!

Unfortunately I feel nauseous after doing 20 minutes of high-repetition yet light weight training. Is it because I haven’t had breakfast yet? Is it because I drank a glass of iced water while I was doing my affirmations? Or is it because I’m not used to being active this early in the morning? I hope I can tackle this problem, because I’m afraid this feeling won’t subside for at least another couple of hours.

day 2

This time I had room to wake up at my own leisure. I shoot into my workout clothes and start my second Miracle Morning. Today I change up my minutes so I could spend a little bit more time Reading (from Marisa Garau’s “Haal meer uit je leven met mindfulness”). I soon find out I actually prefer spending at least 5 minutes doing Affirmations and Visualization; the latter a tool I always thought was a little goofy. And now look at me, sitting with my eyes closed to imagine how I’ll skip through my day whistling and smiling!

PS: Yesterday I spent the entire day at the zoo with my family; obviously a fun but tiring activity. At night I still felt suspiciously energized and bubbly. Do I have the Miracle Morning to thank? You’d almost say so, but I’m still a bit skeptical and willing to say it might be a coincidence.

day 3

The third day is the first I don’t feel like getting out of bed. Yesterday’s additional glass of wine doesn’t sit well on me. I got cramps. My bed feels so nice. The mister looks so cute sleeping. Yep, excuses.

I drag my ass out of bed within two minutes and head for my backyard, hoping the crisp morning air will wake me up. Instead it distracts me. The cheerful cackling of my chickens, the tinkling of a cat bell, my neighbors starting their cars to head to work… I try to cut myself some slack and enjoy the ride. Eventually, it works.

Note to self: Get a better hula-hoop, as the one I have standing around might look pretty but is a little too light to be functional.

day 4

As I mentioned during the Happiness Advantage Challenge report, meditation doesn’t usually sit well on me. Because I felt my concentration was lacking this morning, I decided to use the Simply Being app by Meditation Oasis. It kept the thoughts shooting through my head to a minimum. With a difficult exam approaching, that’s a welcome change. I use my Reading time to study a little more, and during my Visualization minutes I imagine myself being confident and calm. It would be nice if this feeling would last through the rest of the day!

day 5

It’s Saturday, and I had a party last night. Instead of sleeping in I quietly woke at 08:15. While lying in bed I reminded myself how the Miracle Morning routine has put me on a positive path the last couple of days, and I got up within 5 minutes. No regrets!

I didn’t use a timer as usual, but sort of winged my minutes. It gave me a different sort of peace and quiet. I find that especially Silence, Affirmations and Visualization really work well to overcome any bad morning moods. Exercise, Reading and Scribing are what sets my brain and body in motion. Coincidence? Probably not. Smart move Hal!

day 6

This Sunday I wake up thinking the same as yesterday: Although I allowed myself the weekend off, I feel like I want to do my Miracle Morning. Instead I deliberately decide to stay in bed. Me and the Mister have a lovely slow wake-up and we revel in it.

My day starts pretty good, as we decide to get up and going soon afterwards. Only later at night I start to feel listless and groggy. Probably due to a too-heavy breakfast (Grilled cheese sandwiches with brie on an empty stomach? Can’t recommend it!) followed by countless other not too healthy snacks, but still, worth a mention.

day 7

A new week, new chances! Despite my going to bed early the night before I woke up feeling groggy and listless yet again. That dream about ticks the size of saucers doesn’t really help, either. I stuff half a banana in my mouth, feed the other half to the chickens and start my Miracle Morning. As my right knee has been protesting a little lately I decide to do one of my favorite at-home exercises: A little Body Balance. The Tai Chi warm-up works excellent to clear my head and fill my new day with promise.

Bad dreams have been the cause of my most awful mornings to date. I’m happy to see that this simple routine can drag me out of that funk so easily!


Conclusion of The Miracle Morning Challenge Report: The first week

I have a confession to make: I am truly amazed by the effect the Miracle Morning has on me so far!

Admittedly I don’t have to set my alarm an hour early every day, because as a freelancer I often have the room and the means to fill in my work-hours at my own leisure. Nonetheless I notice I start waking up earlier, feeling more rested and needing less sleep. My days have changed from opening my eyes to make a grab for my iPad (and eventually rolling out of bed feeling moderately OK), to waking up hours earlier, feeling determined and in control. The SAVERS chase out the last feelings of physical and mental grogginess, making me feel like the rest of the day is one big joyous opportunity.

My favorite practices so far? Affirmations and Visualization. Forming my own affirmations, and even adjusting them to my needs that day, is a great addition to my morning routine. And against all expectations, visualizing how I will approach that day’s aspects really feels helpful.

Days 8 to 30 will be described in the upcoming Miracle Morning Challenge Report: Part 2!

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Have you tried the Miracle Morning, or are your tempted to give it a go? What are your favorite morning rituals? I’m curious about your comments!

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    Wat ontzettend gaaf om te lezen dat je de eerste week al zo positief ervaart zeg <3 Ik hoop dat het je nog zoveel op gaat leveren, want ik begrijp precies hoe jij je voelt. Je bent keigoed bezig topper! Ik juich je aan de zijlijn aan hoor 😉

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