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The perfect time to start decluttering

With spring around the corner, there are butterflies both in my backyard and in my stomach. Because traditionally this is the time to start spring-cleaning – which can be combined with a hearty round of decluttering! Nothing beats a clean and tidy home after you’ve set your mind to it and put in the hard work. But is spring the best time to get your cleaning and decluttering done? What is the perfect time to start decluttering?


Spring cleaning

Traditionally, spring cleaning has been called to life to freshen up your living space after the darker days of winter. Spring brings us pleasant temperatures which allows us to open up the windows, air out duvets, beat our rugs and temporarily store things outside without being caught by a winter storm.

I always found spring cleaning quite a symbolic gesture. I love making space in my home – and in my heart – to embrace the new season. And ever since I’ve been running a household I was sure to make room in my schedule to kick off spring with a thorough clean and declutter.

This time, the anticipation that usually precedes my spring cleaning mania started early.

Right after the christmas holidays, to be exact.

I wanted to scrub my kitchen and get rid of all of that musty tupperware that crowded my cabinets. I wanted to sort out my junk drawers (all four of them!) and store all my tidbits in little boxes and baskets. I wanted to sponge off every door in the house, change up the wall art in my bedroom, get rid of certain accessories (which in hindsight didn’t look that nice on my countertops anyway), and reorganize my linen closet.

I wanted to do some spring cleaning. The only thing that was initially keeping me, was that the idea that January wouldn’t be suitable for such an endeavor!

The perfect time to start decluttering

Naturally – after the simple realization I can do whatever the hell I want when it comes to keeping my house – I just got at it. I jokingly stated “spring cleaning is so last century” and “winter cleaning is the new rage” while collecting everything I needed to make my plan a success (which included a heap of storage containers and my favorite cleaning products*).

* A tip for my Dutch followers: My favorite cleaning products are from a brand called “A Good Clean“, which can be purchased at Action. I love it because it’s safe for your kids and pets, it’s cheap, and it’s perfect for general cleaning. Everything smells amazing and it’s cruelty-free too!

**Nope, this isn’t a sponsored message 

After I kickstarted my annual cleaning and decluttering routine – albeit 3 months early – I started to realize the timing was much more suitable to cater to my current lifestyle.

As a stay-at-home mom with a tiny toddler I was longing for kinder weather to spend more time outside (feeling a little cabin-fever every time a bout of winter-sniffles or a series of wet days got the better of us). So it simply was far more logical to save those sunny days to do exactly that: Having fun outside rather than spending another couple of weeks cooped up inside the house to get my cleaning and decluttering done.

So instead of cocooning on the couch or thinking of endless ways to entertain my outdoorsy toddler at home, we set ourselves to work. We cleaned, we decluttered, we recycled, sold and sorted. And although I’ll make sure to air out my duvets in the fresh spring air when the time arrives, I’ll be enjoying my winter-cleaned house months before then.

* I’m putting emphasis on the WE here, because my little girl helped by sweeping with her little broom (courtesy to her grandma), cooking me pretend-soup in her pretend-kitchen and tossing things in and out of bins and boxes while I worked 😉

What is your perfect time to start decluttering?

What is your perfect time to start decluttering? Maybe it’s summer, because the long evenings and free days will allow you plenty of time? Is it fall, to prepare your home for the darker days to come? Or maybe your most convenient time is winter, just like me.

Who knows, maybe your perfect time to start decluttering is good old spring. As long as the time is convenient for you, your lifestyle and the rest of your plans!

What is your perfect time to start decluttering? Make sure to share your tips in the comments!

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  • Reply Georgia May 19, 2019 at 09:20

    Well done for adapting your routine. I tend to declutter whenever I get an urge rather than at a specific time of year. One day I’ll wake up all Marie Kondo and bam, the garage is getting gutted haha!

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