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Vision Board Challenge Report part 1

I created a challenge to get acquainted with the concept of vision boarding. For 30 days every participant gets a topic to ponder and visualize, only to get to know if they’re on track with their goals – or if they have to set some new ones! During this first part of the Vision Board Challenge Report I will walk you through my first half of the challenge, which was filled with heaps of Pinterest-worthy images, and a couple of soul-searching discoveries!


Want to know more about the 30 day Vision Board Challenge? Read all about it right here.

Curious what my Vision Board is starting to look like? You can check out the images I’ve selected for this challenge on my designated Pinterest board!


Vision Board Challenge Report part 1

Day 1: Livingspace

The first day of the challenge! Filled with enthusiasm I open Pinterest. I already gave the topic some thought when I woke up; my ideal livingspace would include a detached house, with plenty of trees and shrubbery – but not in the middle of the woods. It can be either rustic or modern, as long as it fits my taste. I would love to do more “outside living”, with open doors to a nice backyard and plenty of place to sit, cook and entertain. It doesn’t have to be a palace; I regretfully remind myself you also have to keep all that space clean and tidy. My train of thought pushes me further, thinking that “if I’d have the money to have a palace, I could also afford housekeeping.” The immediate remark that pops up, is “but I wouldn’t want housekeeping.” Does that mean I also wouldn’t want someone to take care of the luxurious swimming pool which is featured in one of the images I’ve selected?

I immediately notice “just Pinning an image or two” isn’t the way to go. For me, it actually requires a lot of contemplation.

After a lot of pinning – and deleting, I finally settle with a couple of images I feel reflect an abstract idea of my ideal livingspace. The maximum of 3 images, of course.

Day 3: Travel Destination

Yesterday’s “Personal Style” challenge felt so easy. I feel rather confident about my style, and a quick search online made me settle with two outfit images and a picture of my make-up muse Emma Stone. But as someone who would love to travel to every corner of the world, I had no idea how to settle with just 3 images which symbolize my ideal travel destinations. Instead of picking images of the glorious glaciers of Patagonia or other specifics, I decide once again to go with a few images that bring a general idea across. Only the photo of a Japanese Onsen provides a particular view of my ideal travel destination: I would love to travel the Japanese countryside!

Day 4: Creative activity

I learned from yesterday’s picks. To me there’s little use in trying to find the perfect image which captures all my thoughts on the subject. It’s easy to be tempted – especially as a freelance creative – to get stuck on the specifics of what you’d like to create. So I let all these specifics go and pick my ideal creative outlets, symbolized in one shot each: Working in a (black and white) photo dark room. Painting. And writing. The latter visualized by pinning an image of an old-fashioned type writer.

Day 6: Romantic Date

I’m starting to get a hang of finding a balance between the images I pick. Some are bound to be rather specific (like yesterday’s pick for “Indoor Workout” where I chose Les Mills Body Balance), but others can very well represent a certain vibe. Where I found myself stumbling over certain specific details on day 1 (from “But this is way too classic looking!” to “I want this exact image but with a couple of trees in the background”) I notice I found a more organic way of choosing on day 6. I end up with three images which – to me – represent the kind of romantic dates I would like to go on ideally: A fun night out with other people (dancing), a private dinner at an extraordinary location (cave restaurant), and an intimate and secluded getaway outdoors (stargazing on a truck-bed).

Day 8: Snack

Today I really had to remind myself this is a Vision Board challenge, not a “list-your-current-sinful-favorites” challenge. My favorite comfort snack is a particular brand of chocolate. Unfortunately, I never manage to just take a little piece and be satisfied. I have to devour the entire bar – and believe it or not, even after that I keep longing for more.

So on my vision board I opt for strawberries in chocolate. Less chocolate, more fruit. I also list two of my favorite healthy and nutritious snacks. Because that’s my vision: Less binge-snacking, more healthy-snacking. You know, in an ideal world.


Day 9: Leisure time at home

Today’s challenge really gave me some food for thought. Since our baby is slowly growing into a little toddler, I feel the activities I used to do by myself or as a couple should make a little room for nice family activities. So besides my love for reading, I decided drawing or being creative with my daughter would be an awesome way to spend my leisure time indoors. Then again, I am also looking forward to having fun movie nights together. While looking for a suitable (not too tacky) image to reflect a family movie night, I found an image of a blanket fort around the tv.

Oof. I would love to be one of those moms who makes blanket forts around the tv, but I got to admit: Having my furniture out of place gives me a very iffy feeling. It’s one of my weaknesses; I am that chick who has to hold herself back not to immediately clear the table after a nice dinner, cleans up in the early hours in the morning after a party, or even clears out the air mattress as soon as it’s deemed politely possible after someone spent the night. I don’t consider myself a neat-freak (ask my daughter who often manages to munch a dust-bunny or two), but I do like my nest to be exactly to my likings.

But I do want to be that mom who builds blanket forts around the tv, so that one image has been saved to my folder. New goals and all.

Day 10: New skill to learn

My first idea came naturally. Horsebackriding, particularly Western style. I’d love to learn how to ride a little better, and get more experience riding outside. But after that my thoughts kind of fell silent. I don’t choose these things impulsively; usually, when I form an idea like this, I start making plans on how to get it done. So I wanted to be sure to know that I would be serious about what I’d pick. And then I thought, “Why?”. Why can’t I just pick some things from the top of my head, and be a little impulsive? And then I came up with hand-lettering. And wine tasting – quite seriously, like a sommelier. I let my heart speak and I was happily surprised.

Day 11: Bodily care routine

As regular readers might know, I am an advocate for self-care: I take solace in taking cafe of myself. This is why doing exercises at home and putting effort into my skincare really relaxes me. But something new I always wanted to try, is drinking matcha tea. This healthy variety of green tea is packed with even more anti-oxidants and goodness than the regular deal, so it’s supposed to be a great way to take care of yourself from the inside out!

Day 14: Meal

An ideal meal? This got me thinking. What would be my ideal meal? I was first tempted to look into specific recipes, but other than picking some healthy options it didn’t seem like a very inspiring selection. Then I really started to visualize my ideal meal. With my family, in the garden. I found an image that really spoke to me, paired it up with an artfully styled, healthy meal and an image that reflected meal-prepping to me. It feels like I’m starting to get this vision board concept down more and more!

Day 15: Morning Routine

I try to think of the most successful and satisfying mornings I ever had, and I soon find myself thinking about the times I did the Miracle Morning. Like for so many people it worked wonders for my mood and mental stability! The only reason I’m not continuing this routine right now is because I’m trying to catch up on some sleep after those mandatory months of multiple night-feedings for my baby.

When I start remembering my favorite Miracle Mornings, I soon find out I enjoyed those I spent outdoors best. Walking or jogging; it was bliss. Now how could I top that? By doing an exercise I love even more: Swimming! And then a glorious thought dawned on me: What if I could do my Miracle Morning outdoors while swimming? Hmmm, doing the Miracle Morning outside by my own swimming pool [insert drooling Homer Simpson .gif]

I might have to reconsider getting that imaginary pool-boy from Day 1 of the challenge…


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Make sure to use this handy infographic!

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