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Challenge report

Vision Board Challenge Report part 2

After thirty days the Vision Board Challenge is completed. While the first two weeks into the challenge often left me in awe about putting such deliberate thought into a variety of subjects, I surprised myself during the last phase by often repeating myself. Is this a good or a bad thing? Read all about it in the Vision Board Challenge report part 2!



Day 16: Way to deal with stress

I’m starting to see a pattern here. Yet another picture of a swimming woman, while I might have pinned at least two similar photos during the last two weeks. The universe might be telling me something…

Day 17: Haircut

I have my mother to thank for my signature haircut: Although I’ve rocked various lengths and carried many colors, there were few times in my life when I didn’t have bangs. I would love to have thicker, fuller and more luster hair though, and that’s where Brigitte Bardot comes in. Boy, that woman used to rock the sexiest ponytails and updo’s! Little wonder she dominates the images for this day of the challenge.

Day 18: Leisure time outdoors

Although I would have picked solo outdoor-activities a couple of years ago, once again I find myself leaning to more family-orientated stuff. I can’t wait to go stargazing and wild watching with our (now almost) one year old daughter, but right now I visualize my thoughts by picking images which are related to hiking, picnicking and having exciting outdoor campfires.

Day 19: Hobby

I’ve been geocaching only once in my life, with an eccentric friend who said “we had to do something, now that we were in the area.” He did explain the concept in the car, but back in the late 00’s it all sounded like hocus pocus to me. We eventually stopped at the side of a road, leaving our transport in the emergency lane before declining a steep slope between two highways. After a little poking and prodding between the roots of the trees my mate found a plastic tupperware container, from which he gifted me a little key chain.

My friend was ripped from life as easily as I managed to lose that key chain. But he did leave me with fond and adventurous memories of the concept of geocaching. Since we love going for drives, why not implement a little bit of treasure hunting as we go? And honor our friend in loving memory as well…

Day 20: New sport to try

Ok, I cheated a little on this one. Canyoning isn’t entirely new to me. I did so once in the Italian mountains when I was 16, and I felt it was so awe-inspiring I always vowed to do it again.

What is completely and entirely new to me, is… Line dancing! Now why on earth would a Dutch gal like me want to go line dancing? Admittedly in this region it’s considered a niche which mainly attracts slow-pokes, old-folk and oddballs. But as I expect it to have a bit of a repetitive, meditating effect on me – combined with one of my biggest guilty pleasures, country music – I think it might actually be a pretty good fit! Now I only have to find a place in the area which teaches it.

Day 22: Short-term goal

Once in my life I start it’s not so bad to start repeating myself. During some days, I feel that some topics and images can easily be repeated, as they reflect my current hearts-desire. An interesting conclusion during the last phase of this challenge, as it really clears up for me what I’d ideally like to spend my time doing! So once again in with the swimming, in with the running. And in with cycling with my baby girl, in one of those cute front-seats!

Day 24: Self-care idea

As regular readers might now, I’m a big fan of self-care. I created the 30 day self-care challenge to spread the love, and it’s a topic which often comes up on the blog. But most ideas are catered to be easily and cheaply achieved. The thought of splurging completely on self-care makes me exciting! So besides pinning an image of a lovely hamam* treatment, I also looked up some beautiful and exotic yoga retreats.

* A hamam is a Arabic bath-house in which you can be soaped, scrubbed and massaged with wonderful natural products, often based on olive oil, mint or eucalyptus. I had the pleasure of receiving a couple of hamam treatments in my life and I have to say, there is no regular massage which can beat it, as it leaves you squeaky clean and refreshed as well! If you don’t have a hamam where you live but want to mimic a home experience, I can highly recommend the hamam products by my favorite luxury and cruelty-free brand Rituals, including a lush shower foam, cleansing black soap and invigorating body scrub. I guarantee it’s the next best thing.

Day 26: Grooming treat

The cat’s out of the bag. I’ve been dying my hair since I was 12, but I never, ever had a professional dye job at the hairdresser. Shame on me. Having my hair dyed in a salon is one of the best grooming treats I can think of… So why not have a facial, while I’m at it? 😉

Day 27: Evening routine

Admittedly, I feel like i’m in a pretty good place when it comes to my evening routine. The only thing I still want to implement a little more often is a cup of chamomile tea before bed. I’ve spoken about it before during the third 30 day self-care challenge report, but the Mister seemed to have been the only one who didn’t forget about it: He was kind enough to bring me a cup at night a few days ago!

Day 30: Me-time

The last couple of days I feel I start repeating myself more and more. Outdoor workout? New habit? Me-time? Although I didn’t, I could have very well recycled images I’ve pinned previously, as they often come down to the same topic. Today I surprised myself by concluding my ideal me-time would be very secluded (preferably out in nature), but once again I pick images signifying a great hike and an invigorating wellness retreat.



I created this challenge to get acquainted with the concept of vision boarding. Rather than pinning myself (and every other participant) down on a specific topic, I tried broadening the range of subjects – neatly divided in the categories mind, body and soul. I thought the variety would give us food for thought, avoiding repetition. So it’s obvious I sure didn’t expect to have so many similar outcomes during the thirty days of this challenge!

A good example is the notorious topic “swimming”, which came back to haunt me during no less than 5 days of the challenge. But I’ve also caught myself repeating other subjects like running, hiking, traveling, doing more outdoor activities with my entire family, eating salads for lunch and even visiting a wellness retreat. Things I haven’t been doing much lately or in the latter case, something I’ve never done before.

Although it first felt like I was doing something wrong by coming back to the same solutions over and over again – like I lacked creativity or originality – I soon started to realize this is actually great proof that deep inside I know very well how I would ideally spend my time. The fact that I started repeating myself only makes it more clear that the solution is pretty straight-forward! In fact I am sure I could make a whole new vision board which only include the topics I picked most often, resulting in a collage which clearly features my new goals and priorities.

I’m going to make sure to adjust my life according to the new things I’ve learned!


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