Weekly Wellness 001

Weekly Wellness #1

Acting out my own advice

Last week I wrote an article about getting stuck on planning. And what are the odds: I’ve been experiencing that exact problem as of late with Want for Wellness!

As I mentioned in my first blogpost I want to make sure this blog will carry out a clear vision, preventing that my topics will bounce all over the place. But only a month after it’s launch I already started to feel my blog is too formal to my taste. I think talking about mental and bodily wellness requires a certain grade of earnestness, but it should be no reason for my blog to lack in personality. My first step towards improvement is this weekly column with some personal notes and general wellness finds. I hope you’ll enjoy these as much as I like putting them together!


Links worth a look

The journey to becoming a dad” might be one of the most inspiring articles I’ve read lately. And no, it isn’t as sappy as it sounds!

I’ve been wanting to make my own bath salts for a while now, and this tutorial with helpful pictures will definitely come in hand.

Always wanted to see a raccoon lounge across the house? Pumpkin’s instagram account will provide to your every wish!

While looking for printables for my bedroom I stumbled across and article describing a large database with vintage plant illustrations. I had no idea I needed this in my life until I saw it!

You are a badass” is described as a humorous, no-nonsense self-help book with a solution to a lot of life’s problems.

H&M is going to release a line of eco-friendly beauty products. I for one am going to keep a keen eye out for it’s release!


Have a great week! <3

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