Weekly Wellness #10

Weekly Wellness #10

A little change in the Weekly Wellness

This week I decided to post this article on monday, instead of sunday. Simply because I want to stop playing captain-hindsight. Reading about the potential of a fresh new week is far more positive than writing about the one that has passed! Expect a bit of a format change coming up too; I’m planning to tweak this article into something a little bit more structured within the next couple of weeks.


Links which are worth your time

As someone who moved from the big city to the countryside I was happy to run across this article! “Why the big city isn’t necessarily where dreams are made”.

Iris visited the studio of Madeleine Elouise, making beautiful pictures and describing her liberating story about doing what you love.

Jen Carrington shared how she intentionally schedules her week as a business owner, teaching us how to prioritize.

And last, a refreshing read: The complete guide of not giving a fuck!


I hope you’ll all have a great week!

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