Weekly Wellness 11

Weekly Wellness #11

This week I put together a to-watch list with feature films by an incredibly talented actor, I’m tempted to start a new challenge soon, and we’re planning to get a couple of new pets. Curious? Read all about it in this week’s update!


Personal snippets

Don’t you just love spending time with people who matter? Last week I visited my family during Kingsday (a Dutch national holiday which pretty much means the whole country turns into one big flea-market) and I got a much needed family-fix. And a couple of pairs of cute shoes as well!

All that talk about The Miracle Morning has made me curious. After reading several success stories I wonder if I shouldn’t give it a try myself, so I’m planning to get the book soon!

After watching “Inside the actor’s studio” with Brad Pitt, I feel tempted to (re)watch several of his movies. Because checking out a master at work is simply inspiring! After a quick check on imdb I put together my to-watch list (skipping favorites like “Snatch“, “Babel” and “Se7en“). If you want to keep up to date, I’m sure I’ll drop a couple of lines about the matter on Twitter in the nearby future!

My quest to live more honest and healthy has expanded from cruelty-free cosmetics to cruelty free food. We’ll soon be the owners of our own, free-range chickens*, which will hopefully lay a ton of eggs. Now I just need to find the time to put the coop together!

* We’re looking for two sizable hens of a breed which doesn’t fly too well. Any tips on what kind to pick are more than welcome! 


Links worth checking

Leo Babauta rarely ceases to inspire me, but this article about the downward & upward spiral of health and productivity really seems to click into place!

As I can’t do a regular push-up for the life of me (despite progressing steadily on the bench press). I decided I’m going to put some extra effort in at home. If you’re coping with the same problem, consider checking out this infographic to slowly learn doing “big girl push-ups”.

Photographer Alice Gao allows us a private peek in her beautiful appartement, which I feel radiates serenity. No wonder, considering I have several dark walls and golden details in my home as well!

Jinna Yang (who I mentioned in this previous post) sums up the 10 things you need to start living the life of your dreams!

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I hope you’ll have a lovely and sunny week!

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