Weekly Wellness #13

Weekly Wellness #13

I’m planning to start a new 30 day challenge, and I got a confession to make: I might be a little nervous! You can read why in this week’s personal update.


What’s up?

Tomorrow I’m planning to start a new challenge, based on Hal Elrod’s The Miracle Morning!

I’m excited, but also a little nervous. Not so long ago I had quite a lot of trouble sleeping, and my mornings were a real nightmare. My wake-up routine (where I make a grab for my iPad and scroll through my timelines until my grogginess subsides) might not be perfect, but during hard times it has prevented me from being cranky and listless for hours afterwards.

I’ve know this is far from optimal for a longer period of time, but it was a habit I simply couldn’t (or didn’t dare to) ditch. I suppose my sleeping routine still proves to be a bit of a sore spot!

I’m ready for a change, and I truly hope this 30 day challenge will make a positive change to my life! Naturally I will keep you up to date on Twitter (as usual I will be using the tag #WFWChallenge), and I will log my findings for a challenge report. 

Want to tag along? Feel free to join me, as I feel I could use all the help I can get! 😉


Links worth a click

Speaking of challenges: Bloglovin’s The Edit describes the advantages of trying something new for 30 days!

I found an interesting TED talk by Amy Cuddy, where she describes the advantages of body language and how it can even shape who you are.

Rebecca from From Roses describes a feeling which is very familiar to me: The joy of shopping second hand!

Writer Deborah Cicurel describes her experiences as she went without make-up for a while, and was amazed about other people’s (rather negative) responses.

Not Another Blonde did a great Q&A with her mother on mother’s day! Sometimes mommy simply knows best.

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I hope you’ll have a lovely week!

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