Weekly Wellness #14

Weekly Wellness #14

Last week I started a new challenge, which brought me to revisit some long lost good habits. I wrote about my favorite at home workouts, and I have some good resolutions for the blog! Read all about it in this week’s Weekly Wellness!


So, what’s happening?

Yep, I pulled through with The Miracle Morning Challenge! As I mentioned last week I was having a little trouble getting started on Monday… I decided to take the plunge and dive head-first into the challenge the day after. Tomorrow you’ll read all about how I like it so far, as I’ll be splitting up the challenge report!

I also made my first infographic! Needless to say it’s about the Miracle Morning, but if you’d like a nice visual reminder of the concept, make sure to check out The Miracle Morning infographic on Pinterest.

As I’m doing some daily morning exercises I’ve been revisiting my favorite at home workouts. Just this morning I did a Tai Chi moving and breathing routine from Les Mills Body Balance! A sure way to clear your head and get your blood flowing.

I’m also planning to do an attempt to increase my posting frequency. Now, I try to post an article 3 times a week. But I would like to try and share something every weekday! This means I’ll be spending some time writing articles in advance. If there’s anything you would like to know more about, don’t hesitate to
drop me a line!


These are my favorite links of the week!

Erin talks about the summer that ruined her life. Or did it? This wonderful story has a good dosage of outdoor adventure and reminds me of my own struggles at that age!

As a salad enthusiast I love new recipes for healthy salad dressings. Hello Glow shares 3 delicious variations!

I love this story about 15 year old William, who most probably discovered an ancient Mayan city by using old star-maps and Google Earth.

Jeff Goins wrote a guest post at Becoming Minimalist, about the 3 keys to finding more happiness at work. A gentle reminder to make things easier on yourself!

And Lauren Conrad wrote an article about how to ask for what you want, which is also highly applicable on the work floor.


I hope you’ll have an amazing week!

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