Weekly Wellness #16

Weekly Wellness #16

This week proved to be too much for our little miracle chick. Although this dominated my timeline, I did go on a lovely and eventful hike and found some interesting articles for you to read. Read all about it in this week’s personal update.


What’s been happening

Last week I described the miraculous recovery of one of our pets, and how we felt we might be in for a couple of surprises. Even after some research there is very little known about a pet which has been put to sleep, and lived to tell (or in this case, cackle) the tale.

As this chick was making such a miraculous recovery, I felt she might be invincible. Even when I saw that she tore some stitches and she was actually leaking digestive fluids from her crop, I felt she’d be fine. She was still determined to eat, get her strength up, and become twice the chicken she was. Needless to say we weren’t very worried when she had to be put under again to fix her up. The vet too – with whom we got a bit of a friendly relationship after these unusual ordeals – was unconcerned. This chicken simply didn’t want to die! With her quickly increasing strength we all felt that once again, we were making the best choice to provide her with a long and happy life.

Unfortunately, the next afternoon she deteriorated fast. A couple of hours later she walked into the coop, climbed the stairs to the nestingbox, and eventually went comatose. We found her dead this morning at the exact same spot we’ve last seen her.

Needless to say we’re sad, as we all felt her determination to live was worth the love and effort we put into her. But when she finally got as sick as she did yesterday, we were happy that she died as fast as she did. I try to take solace out of the fact that every choice we made considering her treatment, we took while keeping in mind what’s best for out pet and in consultation with a professional. Still it’s hard pill to swallow. If all of this would have turned out well, we’d call it a miracle. Now this turned out for the worst, it feels like a tragedy.


Other news in tweets

Weekly Wellness #16 tweet

Weekly Wellness #16 tweet

Weekly Wellness #16 tweet


Interesting articles

Remember where you had a first kiss? Photographer Sara Macel documented places where people shared these first intimate moments in her project Kiss & Tell!

Be More with Less shares their best investment strategy.

A while ago I read this article about the fuss around nipples, and participated in a discussion. I found the article back and I got to say, it’s worth a read for all women (and even men)!

And this recipe for the most comforting celery and bean soup proves that soups aren’t only for winter.


I hope you’ll have a great week <3

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