Weekly Wellness #19

Weekly Wellness #19

This week I was excited to start a new challenge! And then I forgot one key ingredient to make it a success (oops)! I’m also putting some extra effort into reading; leisurely and for studious purposes. You’ll know all about my to-read list (including some inspiring recommendations) in this week’s Weekly Wellness!


What’s going on?

Last week I started my latest 30-day challenge: Photograph your life as it is. As I had my family over for dinner and a sleepover last Friday I was excited to get started by making silly slumber-party pics. Unfortunately I forgot to grab my camera… I’m thoroughly planning to make up for my forgetfulness!

Remember when I dished up one of my favorite guilty pleasures? Writing this article really got my groove on, and I immediately ordered a couple of books to sate my hunger (with more than tolerable cover-art). But against all expectations, the All Souls trilogy so far is unexpectedly sharp and witty. I recommend this book-series to anyone who has a knack for vampire romance novels, but does appreciate a more mature – and even historically grounded – approach!

I also started my first audiobook on Storytel. This means I’m listening to The Happiness Project by Gretchen Rubin: An account on how she started to implement some more happiness in her life.


A collection of inspirational reminders

reminder to step out of your box:
“Most of my walls come out of fear and there are dozens of times I have lost out on embracing possibility and opportunity because I have allowed the bounds of fear define me. As I result I have find myself held in a box of what I believed to be safety, when in actuality it safety doesn’t mean freedom. What I don’t regret are the times that I stepped outside of the box even when a hard less on was learned.”
– The Fresh Exchange

And a reminder to appreciate the little things in life:
“I was driving to work the other day and a good song came on the radio – Beirut, “Santa Fe”.  Normally when I’m driving to work I am literally in a zone, I don’t know what I’m thinking about, I’m just focused on getting there. But in that moment I suddenly wanted to just keep driving.”
– Free People

Don’t forget this reminder to get out of your head and DO it:
“The line between letting an idea marinate and choosing to procrastinate on something is a very, very thin one. Waiting can be helpful– it can be the germination time you need. But we get away too often with putting off our great ideas by saying we’re not ready.”
– Erin Outdoors

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I hope you’ll all have a lovely week!

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