Weekly Wellness 002

Weekly Wellness #2

The first challenge is coming up!

I’m excited to tell you that tomorrow I will publish a Want for Wellness  first! Although I have written several drafts for either 7 day or 30 day challenges I felt the time wasn’t right to publish them (yet). But tomorrow everything will change. Literally. Because I will be spending a week focusing on broadening my horizon and doing several wellness-related exercises – in which you are free to participate. Curious? Make sure to tune in tomorrow!


Links worth clicking

Zanita wrote an article about the unrealistic views social media can give us and a friendly reminder about how to cope with this.

This lemony soup recipe with white beans and kale looks to die for. I skipped by it a couple of times last week and the sight of the image gives me instant cravings!

This article about How it’s wrong to wear “being busy” as a badge of honor has some great (personal) examples.

As I regularly fantasize about being being a bee-keeper one day, I thought these reasons to drink more honey-water were right up my alley!

I started using the pomodoro technique regularly because I want to learn how to work more efficiently. The Tomighty desktop app works wonders for me*!

* Just make sure you turn off the unnerving ticking clock sound in the program options. For your own sanity 😉


Have a fun week, and don’t forget to check out tomorrow’s first 7 day challenge!


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