Weekly Wellness #20

Weekly Wellness #20

It might have looked like an uneventful week in the Want for Wellness blog-o-sphere: Behind the scenes I’ve been doing quite a lot of work!


This week’s news

Regular visitors might have noticed I’ve been messing around with the website’s lay-out. After installing a completely new theme and customizing it to my likings, I ended up switching back to the old one simply because I liked it better. #NoRegrets

I did end up changing the blog categories, increasing the options I have to write different articles. This means I will be writing more about a wider variety of wellness-related topics!

Speaking of wellness, I started a new at-home training schedule. Can’t leave the Mister’s squat-rack unattended! As I’m doing a lot of my cardio outdoors nowadays, it might just be time to cancel my gym-subscription (and maybe switch to a nice group-class).

And speaking of no regrets:

Weekly Wellness #20: Twitter


This week’s finds

I just love a Cup of Jo’s “Motherhood around the world” series. This particular article about the parental habits of an Icelandic mom is especially refreshing!

The Everygirl once again amazes me with a great mindful article: Understanding your inner critic. A must-read for people who struggle with their negative voice.

Do you consider children to be a blank slate? Think again!

This beautiful home-makeover changed a rather standard-looking dining room into one big Pinterest-worthy pastel festival.

Sobbing while browsing 9gag? Guilty! This lengthy .gif is a short film that will clear up your tear ducts in no time!


Have a great and sunny week!

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  • Reply Trudy July 20, 2016 at 11:52

    I've had this on my TBR for a couple of months now. I was dying to read it, but other books kept getting in the wak.Thanys for the review, I'll definitely make an effort to get to it now 🙂

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