Weekly Wellness 003

Weekly Wellness #3

A week of firsts

To my this was a week of first times. First off, I published my first 7-day challenge. It was an interesting experience with surprises, ups and downs, and I will tell you all about it in the challenge report tomorrow! This comes together with my second first experience, which is meditating. I wish I could tell you it broadened my horizon and opened up my mind, but the truth is that it left me fidgety and impatient. I already feel a new challenge incoming! Third, I picked up my first pair of glasses which takes some getting used to (including nausea and headaches)*. I’m not complaining because they will help me see better when I’m driving, but I’m looking forward to putting them on without wanting to hurl!

* How long did it take for you to get used to your prescription glasses? Please let me know to spare my sanity!


This week’s links

Jinna Yang wrote about how she took back control of the happiness in her life; a story many people can relate to!

Fruits are healthy, right? Unfortunately some can also be very sugary, which isn’t always desirable (like when you’re looking to avoid them to stay productive or when you’re on a diet). This article contains a table of the glycemic load of various fruits.

How to stop procrastinating. Right now!

It’s a long but to my opinion very interesting read. Looking forward to the documentary of “I followed my stolen iPhone across the world, became a celebrity in China, and found a friend for life“.


Hope you’ll have a great week!


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