Weekly Wellness 004

Weekly Wellness #4

Health setback

As I mentioned in my last challenge report, I was felled last weekend by an acute case of food-poisoning. A week and a doctor’s visit later it looks like I’m stuck with gastrointestinal inflammation, which is currently leaving me sick and weak. I hope it will pass within the next days so I’ll be able to get out of bed longer. Until then the publication of regular articles might be postponed (unless I manage to write an article about some new-found wisdom on how to be sick without getting infuriatingly frustrated)!


I did have time to browse, and these are last week’s favorite articles

Although food isn’t really on my mind right now, I did save this delicious recipe for frozen yogurt bark for when I get better!

The Self Help Hipster reviewed the “Better Habits” iPhone app, and the way it views a habit as a living process really appeals to me! Going to try it out as soon as I got my iPhone sorted.

Remember how much I struggled with the meditation part of my last challenge? Zen Habits shares 20 helpful tips on meditating.

And now we’re on the topic of meditation, I want to share this article on how to start a meditation practice.

At some point your job might start to feel a little boring. These helpful tips will teach you how to love your job again!

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