Weekly Wellness 007

Weekly Wellness #7

This week…

This week I wrote an article about how to get your life back on track. Needless to say I’m trying to take a leaf from that book to get things in order now I’m slowly starting to feel well again after a particularly bad case of food-poisoning. But not before enjoying this easter weekend to the fullest! I’ve been enjoying some kitten cuddles, mellow walks and some Tony’s Chocolonely (which is about the most amazing chocolate you’ll ever taste)!

If you’re looking for something to watch, consider checking out the youthful medical dramady The Red Band Society! It’s an amazing series with witty humor – which has made me laugh at numerous occasions, and made me cry about just as many times. It’ll be a one-season-fling, but I promise you’ll won’t regret it! “We’ll always have Paris.”


The links…

Leo Babauta from Zen Habits goes for a stroll with his mom and asks her all about overcoming habit procrastination.

Since most of you will have an extra day off, consider reading this article about setting up for the best weekend!

Joanna Goddard once again proves she starts interesting discussions on her blog. This time she shares quotes from her “parenthood around the world” series which are incredibly interesting!

This article about finding your inner strength is good, but the first paragraph about a sweet reunion is even better!

And finally, I like how this article from Raised Good focuses on allowing kids to be kids and simplifying childhood.


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Hope you’ll have a lovely long easter weekend!

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