Weekly Wellness #8

Weekly Wellness #8

Time for a change

After two months of working on the blog I decided it was time for a moment of contemplation. How was I doing? And how did that feel? And equally important; how do you, my visitors, like Want for Wellness  so far? As I’m still building an audience and I’m busy finding my “writer’s voice” I decided to keep it simple. I dove into the statistics and I critically asked myself if I liked the direction I was heading.


The statistics

As for the numbers and statistics I am rather happy – and flattered. People actually pay a visit to my blog from various social media, and they stick around to click about. Although this is the second time I started a blog it keeps amazing me that people value what I write, and actually read it – despite how that’s the purpose of a blog in the first place! I also want to thank the people who shared my articles by tweeting or pinning them, or actually bought the book or product I recommended. I got to tell you, that’s the cherry on top 😉

What really got me thinking was an overview of the demographics of my visitors. Although I tried setting up a more gender-neutral style, both in appearance and writing, close to all my visitors are female. And although I was aiming to share serious information with an informal yet grown-up tone, by far most of my visitors have an age-range from 18 to 34.

This was a wake-up call I sorely needed.

First off, a reminder that I myself  am part of that demographic. And second of all, that my expectations for Want for Wellness  were drifting away from who I am as a person, and as a writer.

Because I am a female 30-something. I am pretty giddy, although none of my latest articles have really shown any of that. Instead I felt I was being true to the niche I formed in my head, sometimes simply paining myself to write articles which were often on the heavier side of the “Wellness spectrum”. I’m all about self-improvement, but the tone I was setting for myself simply wasn’t meeting my personality, or the expectations I had when I started this blog.


The direction

So I decided to change things up a bit. First with the blog’s graphics. It might be my creative background, but I felt simple things like the use of colors and fonts were pushing me into a mood and a style I felt was a little too heavy and too serious. That’s why regular visitors have probably noticed a change in title images over the week!

I also decided to cast my inhibitions aside, and make me as a person more approachable by adding a personal profile picture*, rather than using the Want for Wellness  logo. I already feel like my blog is more “me” than ever, and I don’t regret it!

* Anyone who knows me knows I don’t like having my picture taken, and that taking selfies is more of an annual occurrence than a daily one. But I gathered my phone, my good-will and my courage and snapped about 80 pictures until I got one I felt was nice, friendly, fun and personal enough – so forgive me for having my hair all over the place; it’s the best I could do!

As for the content; I’m definitely going to try and explore the definition of the world “Wellness” more. I’ll be aiming for a similar quality, but with more light-hearted subjects. How this will turn out exactly is something I’m still figuring out. Eventually there might be a change in categories, or I might come up with some more regular topics. In any case you can on more fun and useful content for a happy and fulfilling life!


I hope you’ll have a great and inspiring week!


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