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Welcome to Want for Wellness!

Am I the only one who thinks writing the first blogpost is a little awkward? But instead of getting right down to business (sharing all kinds of neat tips, tricks and challenges for a happy and fulfilling life) I’d like to take this opportunity to tell a little bit about myself, and about my plans for Want for Wellness.


My blog history

I started blogging about a year ago. The thought of starting an online writing-platform used to scare me a little, as I take my projects seriously and I had numerous concerns. “What if people aren’t interested in what I have to say?” and “What if I’ll get bored with blogging?” being on the top of my list. But one morning I decided to throw all my ‘what ifs’ in the bin and that it was time to just do it. And I’m happy I did, as I soon found out it’s one of my favorite creative outlets.

With some good effort and some much appreciated help my first blog was a fact at the same day I acted on my whim. BAM, a (Dutch) blog was born! I dove head-first into the workings of WordPress, developed a steady growth-plan and contacted companies I liked, all the while covering anything that even remotely interested me*.

* My favorite articles to date being “Cats owned by bloggers”, “Diving on Bali, tense and terrific at the same time” and “The best coming-of-age-movies you probably haven’t seen before”, besides a ton of cruelty-free beauty reviews and several sugar-free snack recipes.


A new project

Needless to say I lacked focus, and at some point it started to dawn on me. But instead of struggling to grow my blog organically into something both me and my readers enjoyed, I felt I had to make a fresh start. Get back to what really  interests me, what I’m passionate about, and what I occupy myself with day by day.

The answer was simple: Wellness. Which, according to the dictionary literally means, “The quality or state of being healthy in body and mind, especially as the result of deliberate effort”. It’s a simple term which applies to everyone around the globe. It isn’t something solely for professors or psychiatrists. It’s simply you, trying to be the best you can be.

Sometimes a little nudge in the right direction is all it takes to make major changes. In other cases it requires hard work and dedication. And often it’s just a matter of slowing your pace, looking around, and appreciating what it is you have accomplished. As a big believer in self-improvement I suddenly realized I would like to share what little I know – and all there is left to learn – with like-minded people.


What I want for Want for Wellness
  • Provide a website to share the best articles about being and staying happy
  • Encourage reader input, as sharing tips will help other visitors
  • Value quality over quantity by choosing less articles a week over a daily filler


How will that show?

Regular articles which reflect on living a happy and fulfilling life, in both body and mind. Mostly they will be tips that have proven helpful to me or others, combined with a bit of (light-hearted) musing. I’d like to invite all readers to make additions in the comments, or if you’re interested, e-mail me a question which I can research and answer in a separate article!

I am also planning to create 7-day and even 30-day challenges, about which I will report on the website. Ever wondered how it is to live without facebook, or even your phone for a week? How it feels to be a gym-rat, or what it takes to eat completely vegan? I’ll try it out, so you can decide from your lazy chair if it could work for you. Heroic readers are free to join me, as I’ll write up a day-to-day program which I’ll post about on social media.

I would also like to maintain a personal touch throughout my posts. I’ll gladly share recommendations and personal snip-its when I feel this is appropriate, and weave it in seamlessly.

As I won’t post an article every day, social media will play an important role for Want for Wellness. If you’re interested in following the latest developments on the blog, together with some behind-the-scenes and personal footage, feel free to follow me on Facebook or Twitter!


Thanks for reading this, and hope to see you soon!

Love, Nathalie


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