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Wellness Roundup for August 2018

Last August I realized it’s time to adapt some new healthy habits. A goal I look forward to achieve, as I have fond memories of some of my old routines! I also spent time watching some very good series with the Mister, and I decided to read an old literary classic.


Wellness roundup for August 2018

Since I’ve become a mother I feel I’ve found a sense of calm and belonging I haven’t felt before. It seems that I love and I learn more every day, and although becoming a parent brings a whole new set of challenges I feel pleasantly settled in my role as a mother.

The only thing I don’t seem to be able to balance out is my health. I cancelled my gym-membership before the summer started, because I couldn’t find time (and energy) to go in the evenings. And although I had my favorite at-home workouts to fall back on (supplemented by interval running) I soon hit the same wall of reasons – and excuses.

But not any longer! It’s time for change. It’s time to feel more fit and more healthy, and to lose some of those post-pregnancy pounds. And although I am planning to do some reading to get to new, positive insights that could help me on my way (more on that soon!) I am going to start out by trying a new gym and adopting some healthier eating habits again. Slowly, as we’ll be enjoying a belated holiday soon!


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The benefits of barefoot walking + a personal test at www.wantforwellness.comThe benefits of barefoot walking + a personal test

I was looking for ways to feel more calm and grounded. Barefoot walking was the answer! I put barefoot walking to the test, and was soon able to reap the results. I’ll let you know when I do my first barefoot hike!




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Series: Tabula Rasa

This isn’t the first time I was thoroughly impressed by a Flemmish series (if you’re looking for another Flemmish mystery/crime series featuring lead actress Veerle Baetens, make sure to check out “Code 37”). This story is about a woman who has continuous memory loss after a car accident, who ends up being directly linked to a man’s disappearance whom she doesn’t even have a recollection of. This might sound like a tacky concept, but it opens up so many possibilities about the storyline your imagination will run wild. Many plot-twists came as a complete surprise, and the atmosphere was pleasantly eerie.

Imdb 8,1 | Now on Netflix

Series: Glow

When I first heard about the Glorious Ladies Of Wrestling it was in a snippet of an article with a rather feministic take. This is why I was afraid the series would be either unpleasantly political or simply pretentious. But the contrary is true: Glow is absolutely hilarious and well-executed in it’s mid 80’s timeframe. In fact, the series is so unpretentious the Mister joined in after an episode or two! Then again, what’s not to love about a bunch of quirky women creating a pro-wrestling show? We can’t wait for the third season!

Imdb 8,1 | Now on Netflix

Novel: Turks Fruit (Turkish Delight)

This book is known to be a popular mandatory read among Dutch highschool students because it’s laden with explicit bedroom scenes. Nonetheless, the story is beautiful in it’s raw simplicity. A guy falls in love with a girl, and after they eventually break up he remains completely smitten with her. Writer Jan Wolkers takes the reader through an ongoing recollection of the lead’s memories of her – which are humorous, dramatic, primal, and more often than not (more than) a little crazy. When you allow the shock value of the sex-scenes to wear out, it leaves more room to understand the complexity of the main characters. And if you allow these same sex-scenes to really sink in, you’ll learn more about the complexity of the beastly instincts that lead us when we’re completely and utterly in infatuated with someone.

Get Turks Fruit (original) or Turkish Delight (translation) on Amazon

How was your August?

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