Wellness Roundup for July 2018 on www.wantforwellness.com

Wellness Roundup for July 2018

This July was slow and warm. Although I managed to spend a lot of quality time with my family – a commendable result of being forced to take things easy due to the heat – I am looking forward to easier temperatures! I did manage to type out two heat-related articles and finish a trilogy of books and three seasons of a dramady series. Check it out in this Wellness Roundup for July 2018!

Wellness Roundup for July 2018

I know it’s getting boring to talk about the heat. In fact I literally mentioned in one of my articles about winter depression: “Don’t be Dutch. Don’t complain about the weather”. But I am Dutch, so there you have it. In fact, it inspired me to write two articles this month, which are related to the heat and/or the heatwaves that have occurred in Western Europe!

One friend once made a friendly remark about my tan once. She simply assumed I was going for the “Nicole Kidman look”. After laughing for minutes straight I had to admit I wasn’t going for any look, except the one my skin’s lack of love for the sun would provide me (which during winter is close to translucent). I guess you could say that I’m not good with temperatures over 25C. In fact, summers with mild temperatures around 20C and frequent rains couldn’t make me happier. Keep it cool, keep it fresh.

Needless to say the continuous warmth and drought hasn’t been particularly enjoyable for me. The heat has entered our well-insulated home, and only a couple of days with low temperatures can chase it out. I can’t wait for things to cool down and be a more productive mom and blogger again! A week more of this and you’ll find me doing a traditional rain dance in my backyard at night. I bet Youtube will help me on my way*.

* Of course I had to do a quick search, and this is what popped up!


Want for Wellness articles

Healthy No Cook Meal Recipes

The heat is what inspired me to look for some nice new recipes which don’t require either a stove, oven or burner. I found some awesome and delicious meals which will surely help me (and who knows, you too) through this blistering summer!



How to deal with struggle: A gentle reminder to dance in the rain at www.wantforwellness.comHow to deal with struggle: A gentle reminder to dance in the rain

At some point I found myself baking away inside for a couple of days with the curtains closed. Enter cabin fever! This article was a reminder to myself (and hopefully, to you too) to try and look for a silver lining in the most uncomfortable situations.



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Tweets and personal snippets


Media Recommendations

Series: Love

As someone who has been with her first love since puberty, I’ve never been in a position to date. This is why anything remotely connected to the difficulty and awkwardness of dating interests me to no end. Enter Gus – a dorky (and somewhat dorky looking) on-set tutor who creates alternative movie title songs in his free time – and Mickey – an alcoholic and sex-and-love-addicted wild child who works as a producer at a radio station and lacks a verbal filter. Their individual shenanigans are enough to keep you entertained during a long binge, and when they get together you’ll often be filled with an uncontrollable yet amusing sense of substituted embarrassment.

Imdb 7,7 | Now available on Netflix 

Books: The Farseer Trilogy

I started the first book months ago as a light read in the tub. I was pleasantly surprised by the tone writer Robin Hobb set, as it seemed to resemble a classic fairytale in both names and storyline. As you progress during the three books, the narrative and the tale become more and more unconventional, but not at all unenjoyable. There have been plenty of moments I was completely surprised by a plot-twist, that my heart raced in excitement, and that I even shed a tear or two. Something a classic fantasy novel hasn’t managed to do to me in ages!

Robin Hobb has created several book series around main character Fitz, his friends and acquaintances. I am afraid I will refrain from reading those, as the synopsis of those books were a little too fantastic to my taste. But if you look for a classic fantasy story about a royal bastard trained to become an assassin, elements of telepathy and beast magic, complicated romance and a pretty credible lore, you should try out the Farseer Trilogy. It will not disappoint you! and

Check out Assassin’s Apprentice, Royal Assassin and Assassin’s Quest (or simply the entire Farseer Trilogy for Kindle) on Amazon

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How was our July? 


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