Wellness roundup for June 2018 at www.wantforwellness.com

Wellness Roundup for June 2018

June went by in a heartbeat! I struggled to find time to blog – but succeeded by writing both a long article and creating a new challenge. I had some close animal encounters which I shared on Twitter, and I binged a mental-health themed series which will get a second season this August. Read all about it in the Wellness Roundup for June 2018!


Wellness roundup for june 2018

You know the feeling when everything goes swimmingly, but that you wished you could find time to get something extra done? That’s been me this June. Everything has been going well – even my teething daughter (who’s really having a hard couple of weeks with two molars coming in) has been acting exemplary under the circumstances. But I really had to put some effort into finding time to blog.

Luckily I managed doing so, typing up one epistle of a personal self-improvement article about motherhood which has been dying to leak out of my fingers, and by creating a new 30 day challenge.

Lately I have been writing more in-depth content, which takes a lot more time and research than the occasional list or roundup. I’ve been enjoying it, but it does make my blogging output a little lower.

What would you prefer? A couple of shorter articles which allows me to post more frequently, or the longer and in-depth articles I’ve been writing lately? If you have any ideas on the matter, don’t hesitate to let me know!


Want for wellness articles

5 life lessons I learned since becoming a parent on www.wantforwellness.com

5 life lessons I learned since becoming a parent

As I mentioned in my last Wellness Roundup, I was overflowing with snippets and ideas for articles about motherhood and parenthood in general. I decided to put all the concepts together, resulting in a big (yet well received) article about the lessons I have learned since becoming a parent. I’d say grab a cup of tea, and give it a read!


30 day gratitude challenge at www.wantforwellness.comThe 30 day gratitude challenge

I often receive remarks about how people like the challenges on the blog best. That’s why I felt it was time to create a new Want for Wellness challenge! This one was on my list for a while, as I already knew the benefits of practicing gratitude daily, but I never quite managed to make a habit out of it. This challenge with daily keywords should help you on your way!


Blog and article recommendations


Tweets and personal snippets

I made my first tweet-thread about the scare we had when our (indoor) cat escaped. Of course wildly illustrated with the best cat-gifs the interwebs has to offer! I also had a close encounter with a hedgehog I couldn’t refrain tweeting about. Although I did lose a couple of followers over these silly threads, I feel sometimes it’s just more fun to get a little personal.


Media recommendations

Series: A-typical

When I started A-typical I was prepared for a hipster-style series which would take the viewer on an artistic journey through the mind of an autistic teenager. During the second episode I was more reminded of a generic family sitcom with the occasional pun on quirky and mostly endearing autistic behavior. But A-typical turns out to be a pleasant drama about how autism manifests in a young man’s mind, and how it influences his friends and family. It’s a cookie-cutter formula but the insights will be new to a lot of people, which makes this worth a watch – even if it’s only to increase awareness about people on “the spectrum”. And the good news is, the second season will be aired this August!

Imdb: 8,3 | Now available on Netflix

How was your June?

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