Wellness Roundup for May 2018 on www.wantforwellness.com

Wellness roundup for May 2018

This month I had to go deep to write about a personal problem I’ve been meaning to tackle, got my first article published as a guest-writer, pondered about my inspirational sources and fed my infatuation for teenage television series. Read all about it in this Wellness Roundup for May 2018!


Wellness Roundup for May 2018

Subscribers to my (recently created) newsletter already received the notice, that due to the new GDP regulations I will discontinue the monthly e-mail update. Although I couldn’t be more grateful for receiving multiple, even dozens of subscribers a day since I’ve set up the newsletter, I decided the legal mumbo-jumbo was a little too much for me. As I would much rather focus on offering more articles on Want for Wellness, I have recommended everyone to follow me on social media for regular updates instead.

And regular updates shall be had! This is the official return of the monthly update I’ll be offering on the blog, providing personal recommendations, insights, and reminders. Appropriately called the Wellness Roundup!

Make sure to check out these posts, as they review the previous month of blog articles, social media exclamations, both written and visual media recommendations and much, much more.


Want for Wellness articles

How to stop emotional eating with mindfulness on www.wantforwellness.com

How to stop emotional eating with mindfulness

This is one of my most personal articles to date, and it literally too me months to write. It took me time to figure out how I was going to approach my emotional eating habit, how it was manifesting, and to research how I was going to try and tackle this problem. I can honestly say a better eating-attitude is slowly starting to dawn on me, even though I expect it to be an on-going process.


Guest articles elsewhere

Self-care when you’re caring for two

I am proud to announce my first article as a guest contributor has been published this month! As an ambassador for regular self-care the, Self Care Psychology offered me a platform to write about how I started appreciating the concept and embraced it as part of my daily routine. This is a personal story, briefly referring to my pregnancy complications and my need for self-care now I’m a mother.


Blog and article recommendations


Tweets and personal snippets


Movies and series recommendations

Series: The OA

This has to be one of the most artistic and intrinsic series I have seen in a long time. I’d recommend not looking up too much about it: Just allow yourself to be surprised by the storyline and the plot. Because a lot happens in The OA: Drama, crime, romance and mystery, all kneaded into a beautiful 8 episode series which received over two years of undivided attention before it was even pitched to a studio. I find this to be a series of true artistry, and I hope the future second season will be able to be up to par with the brilliance of the first.

Imdb: 7,8 | Now available on Netflix

Series: Skins

Over the last couple of months I have watched all 7 seasons of the Brittish teenage drama Skins, and I have to say I am thoroughly impressed. Besides the splendid performance by the young actors (which we now see in both cinema’s and hitseries like Game of Thrones) the writing is excellent, covering teenage cliches in anything but an expected manner. Because let’s be honest; these teens lead everything but ordinary lives. Expect a drugs and drink fueled saga which doesn’t avoid the tender topics of mental health, abandonment, intoxicating romance, and death, providing sufficient comic relief to make you long for more.

Seven seasons with three different generations simply wasn’t enough. I wish for more Skins.

Imdb: 8,2 | Now available on Netflix

Series: Riverdale

I’m taking the opportunity to stick to teenage drama by paying some attention to the Netflix hitseries Riverdale. Think Desperate Housewives meets West Side Story meets your ordinary all-American high school, but with an unexpected artistic twist.

Yes, I’m deliberately saying artistic. Because the creators obviously have a delightful grasp at the most guffaw-worthy cliches, while presenting them in an artfully campy matter. Yes, this includes complicated family drama in a band of pompous redheaded matriarchs, teens finding their “inner darkness” by going all Scooby Doo on a local serial killer, a mobster family of three which dines at a table which could easily seat twenty, and a biker gang which mainly consists out of handsome youths (of course, with matching unisex jackets). The second season even provides an episode where they all burst out into song for 40 minutes straight! A must-see if you appreciate camp and kitsch (cliches exist for a reason!) and also if you’re a fan of high school drama like myself.

Imdb: 7,7 | Now available on Netflix


How was your May?


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