Wellness Roundup for October 2018 at www.wantforwellness.com

Wellness Roundup for October 2018

This October I had room and time to make a start to get some more structure in my life (which resulted in a couple of articles, and a good couple of blog concepts and drafts). I welcomed the fall-season with a good bit of self-care and had the pleasure of doing my media recommendations from poolside Portugal. Read all about it in this Wellness Roundup for October 2018!


Wellness Roundup for October 2018

Last month the lack of structure became evident. Although enjoying my two week holiday with the family to the fullest, it started to dawn on me that although I had a lot of plans, I simply didn’t seem to have the vision or the stamina to pick them up.

But not anymore! I made some well-needed changes in my diet, workout routine and sleeping schedule to make room for new endeavors. And a few weeks in, I can say I am highly enjoying myself! Although the changes are relatively easy to adapt too and none to rigorous, they are enough to get me back on track. I’ll make sure to share my tips on the blog when I am fully reaping the benefits!


Want for Wellness Articles

Fall self-care: 10 ways to practice self-care this autumn at www.wantforwellness.com

Fall self-care: 10 ways to practice self-care this autumn

Autumn is a great season for new beginnings. And why not start your fall by practicing some extra self-care? I listed 10 of my favorite ways to practice self-care this autumn, which – I was happy to hear – spoke to a lot of readers! Fall, here we come!



The gratitude perversion: Why practicing gratitude doesn't work for everyone at www.wantforwellness.com

The gratitude perversion: Why practicing gratitude doesn’t work for everyone or for every case

After reading a critical article about practicing gratitude, something poked me in a place that had been sore for a little while when it comes to the habit. There is a wrong way to practice gratitude, and I used this article to get the word out!



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Media recommendations

Novel: Crazy Rich Asians

I know this might be old news to some, as this almost satyrical novel has been promoted as one of the best summer reads a couple of years back. And this is exactly why I took this book with me for a poolside read in Portugal: I had to see (or in this case, read) what all the fuzz was about.

The Novel describes Asia’s more and less elusive rich and famous and their extremely extravagant lifestyles. A world completely different from what we’re used to seeing in Hollywood, and therefore that much more interesting. Anyone with even a tidbit of knowledge of well-earning Chinese families will be overwhelmed by recognizable feats, from references to family and business culture to regular allusions to food and childhood.

Kevin Kwan’s straight-forward descriptions and side-notes almost make this book seem like a work of reference rather than a romance novel. But the story about a young American-raised woman accompanying her incredibly rich Asian-born boyfriend to the Singaporean wedding of the year is definitely captivating. I laughed, swooned and cried, all on my poolside sun-bed in Portugal. And I can’t wait to get my hands on the next book in the installment.

Buy Crazy Rich Asians by Kevin Kwan on Amazon

Music: Faithless – Live at Alexandra Palace

Whether you are an appreciator of electronic music or no: For many years, Faithless has been a force to be reckoned with. And even though the band has been retired for a while, classics like “Insomnia” and “God is a DJ” are poetry to many a music critic’s ears.

I remember being at Pinkpop (a Dutch music festival) with my brother in the spring of 1999. They closed the day and although we both liked the band and the energy in the crowd was infectiously palpable, we had to leave to grab the last train. It was the smart thing to do; We were 14 and 18, we had no place to sleep and it would take us hours to get home.

Decades later I often reminisce about the fact I’ve missed out on experiencing Faithless during their glory days. Luckily, there are some live shows on CD which will give you a hint of the incredible atmosphere they manage to create during their performances.

Their live set at Alexandra Palace in London brings you to a deeper state of mind. The mix between the band’s classics, covers and lesser known material is delicate, yet refreshingly human and down to earth. Make sure to listen to the lyrics while you float away on an exquisite balance between vocals, beat and melody.

Buy Faithless – Live at Alexandra Palace on Amazon

How was your October?

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