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Wellness Roundup for September 2018

Last month I have a read a lot of interesting articles which I would like to share with you! September was also the month I went on holiday with my family, where I finished a brick of a novel (one of many in the amazing series) and watched a surprisingly smart comedy.


Wellness roundup for September 2018

How was your September? Mine finished with a blast, because as you’re reading this we’re currently enjoying a belated holiday – at home and in Portugal. I got to tell you we sorely needed one! But the weeks previous to our flight I was able to enjoy what the Dutch call “voorpret”: An excited feeling of anticipation and finding pleasure in making preparations.

I hope this holiday will bring me the peace and rest I need to review my daily routines and structure, as I am slowly longing for a bit more rigidity in them to get more things done. Mainly when it comes to blogging, taking care of my health, and finding the time and mindset to do more creative things. Activities I usually pick up when spring hits – and we get to enjoy more hours of light in a day. Now that autumn is taking us in it’s cool and refreshing embrace I’ll need to find some new ways to tickle my creativity and motivation (rather than giving in to rolling myself up in a blanket with a hot cup of tea in hand – one of my favorite fall activities): A challenge I’m planning to tackle and investigate the upcoming months.

What are your plans this fall?


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Novel: The Fiery Cross by Diana Gabaldon

Ever since discovering the Outlander series I’ve become a great fan of the novels. Having recently finished the fifth installment of the books, “The Fiery Cross”, I became throughly impressed by Diana Gabaldon’s understanding of both the sexes: The author has an uncanny way to show both sides of the coin when it comes to romantic relationships. Even the Mister (who once again showed how awesome he is by voluntarily joining me to rewatch season 1, 2 and 3 before the 4th hits this November) can’t stop exclaiming how “whoever made this up, knows how men work”. Gabaldon’s descriptions make every sentence – or scene – highly enjoyable and in many ways, recognizable too.

Although this novel is often claimed to be the least invigorating by both fans and critics, I rather enjoyed seeing the years on the timeline ebb by in relative calm. But fear not; the sixth book already has my hairs stand on end before reaching the half-way mark.

Order the Outlander book series on Amazon

Movie: O brother where art thou?

I am limited in my knowledge about Homer’s Odyssey, and I only recently regretted it. Because “O brother where art thou?” is a movie (surprisingly set in the United Stated during the great depression) which is based on Ulysses’ adventures from the ancient Greek poems. Nonetheless I wasn’t aware of this fact while browsing Netflix for something fun to watch. I was simply smitten with a find that seemed to combine hillbilly humor with George Clooney and John Goodman! If a comedy movie were to succeed, this one surely had a chance. And we weren’t disappointed.

This work of art, directed by the Coen brothers (responsible for Fargo) was nominated for 2 Oscars, and George Clooney won a Golden Globe for best actor. Give this unique piece a chance: You will not be disappointed!

Imdb 7,8 | Available on Netflix 


How was your September?

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