Wellness Roundup November 2018 at www.wantforwellness.com

Wellness Roundup November 2018

This month I had an epiphany. A real one! I also watched the reboot of an old childhood favorite (with a lot more horrific angle), and read the autobiographical story of one of my favorite adventurers. I’m telling you all about it in this Wellness Roundup for November 2018!


Wellness Roundup November 2018

I had an epiphany at the start of the month. I never felt anything like it before.

It felt like the entire world changed. I had that indescribable feeling you get when someone close to you dies, and you realize the world keeps spinning while your reality seems to have been frozen in time. Only this time I felt happy and excited – maybe a little scared, but in a good way – rather than empty and drained.

It felt amazing.

All it took was a good conversation with the Mister about my past and future endeavors as a freelance creative. Because that is what I am, besides being a stay-at-home mom. And that’s where my passion lies, despite having made some pleasant side-steps to things like blogging. And it’s time to rekindle and explore that passion before I’m going to start working again once my toddler goes to primary school in a couple of years.

Everyone who has been following me from day one knows I don’t blog for numbers, but I have been setting some statistic-related goals to challenge myself over time. And as I’ve been looking for a work-related challenge (besides motherhood!), I logically tried finding it as a blogger.

Now I realize I need to find my work-related challenge in my field of work, rather than in my hobby. This way I can keep my hobby unblemished from pressure

For Want for Wellness this means little changes. I am still planning to write articles when the inspiration bubbles up: Wellness remains a reoccurring theme in my life, and I love sharing my findings with you! But my main focus will go out to being creative in other ways: To grow in my field of work before eventually starting up my freelance practice again. This will probably result in a different format for the Wellness Roundup (because I do really like sharing my article and media recommendations!) and naturally a continuation of genuine, heartfelt posts.

I might be less active on social media as this does take a lot of my time. And admittedly I do regret that a little, as I feel I was finally finding out more about that fabulous blogging community on Twitter! But I’m sure to pop in my head here and there, to share a tipsy tweet or two – and to see how everyone’s doing.

I’m really looking forward to embracing this positive change, and to undergo this somewhat new, somewhat familiar adventure!

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How to power nap: A short and effective guide

I am a napper. And no, I am not lazy! Nor were Picasso, Beethoven or Einstein. This article explains the benefits of the power nap, and how to get your practice going.

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Blog and article recommendations

Media recommendations

The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina

I was heartily looking forward to this series. So as a fan of teenage drama, occult movie themes and not unimportantly – the old sitcom “Sabrina the Teenage Witch”, I was about to wet myself with anticipation when I played the first episode. And another. And another. But truth be told, true enjoyment only came after the first half of the season.

I have been thinking long and hard why this was. There wasn’t a major story arc that developed around the 6th episode, nor were the first episodes boring. In fact, the series has been packed with adventure of various degrees of excitement. And this might just be the problem: I personally would have loved to become more involved with the characters before being overwhelmed by – if you’re not engaged with the story yet – silly magical references and quests.

But when you really start to get to know the spirits and quirks of teenage half-witch Sabrina, mortal boy Harvey, her family and friends, you’re in for a treat. If you ask me, the season literally got better every episode. And the finale feels appropriately grand! This series is one I feel I should watch at a later date, as my familiarity with the leads (and sides) will make this show a lot more fun to watch. I am definitely excited for the Christmas Special, and season 2!

Imdb 7,9 | Watch on Netflix

Book: Walking the Amazon

I simply love survival shows on the Discovery Channel, and the hosts that present them. They all have a different or unique perspective to share. What I like most about Ed Stafford (known for shows like “Marooned” and “Left for Dead”) is that he is so genuine about the emotional aspect of survival. And that is exactly what spoke to me while reading his novel “Walking the Amazon”.

Although walking the entire length of the Amazon river is a feat at itself, I am thoroughly impressed by Ed’s honesty looking back at his ordeals. He manages to describes his lows with a disarming honesty, which provides the reader with unique insights only someone who finished an equally unique quest can share. And during the highs – which definitely includes running into the sea at the end of his trek with his guide and friend Cho – you can’t help but shed a couple of happy tears. A definite recommendation for people who are interested in adventure, survival, and the human psyche.

Get “Walking the Amazon” on Amazon

Movie: Bohemian Rhapsody

Although I like Queen – and I generally like their music – I have an absolute love for every documentary that has to do with either the band itself or the lead singer Freddy Mercury. The dynamic between this group of talented musicians and the way they managed to purposefully compose several hit songs is simply awe inspiring. Not to mention being able to have a tiny glance inside the mind of renaissance man Mercury, who has sadly deceased far before his time.

Any actor who wants to portray him – exceptional talent, extravagant mannerisms and manner of speaking and all – has a couple of size Shaq shoes to fill. And Rami Malek (known for his excellent performance in The Pacific, and for pretty much single-handedly giving the tiniest smidge of credibility to Twilight – Breaking Dawn part 2) does it wholeheartedly. Although his looks naturally differ a little from Freddy’s, everything else seems to be nothing less than the real deal. The same counts for Gwilym Lee (who plays calm and permed lead guitarist Brian May), or really any of the actors as far as I know. It’s like the team is acting out all the blanks in the story about the band; an itch I badly needed scratched.

Bohemian Rhapsody seems to be an amazingly realistic cinematic interpretation of the events revolving around Queen. Although some characters and situations seem to have been altered to reach a greater audience, this movie allows the viewer a look in the life of Queen we’ve never seen before. And as a thirty-something 90’s kid, it was great to finally attend those historical concerts at Wembley – even if it was ‘just’ in the cinema.

Imdb 8,4 | In cinema’s now


How was your November? Have you’ve ever had an epiphany?

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