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Wellness Update January 2017

As you might have read in my last Wellness Update, I am happily pregnant! Unfortunately, this hasn’t come without complications. I’d like to give you a heads-up about how things are currently going, how I look forward to blogging again and of course, how things are with the baby!


Joy to the world!

As I am writing this I am 31 weeks pregnant of a baby girl. Needless to say the Mister and I are both ecstatic! We have been looking forward to this moment for years, and as we felt ready to become parents at the start of 2016 we were thrilled to find it didn’t take us long to conceive. Unfortunately due to sickness in the family and my own maternal condition, mentally this has been a less than an ideal pregnancy. It has taught us a new kind of humility and an urgency to seek rest within the chaos. Luckily I can say that under the circumstances, we are doing rather well. And more importantly, so is the baby: She’s been growing steadily and has been living off my reserves when I was on the verge of dehydration or malnutrition (I love you, lovehandles!).


Hyperemesis Gravidarum

Hyper-whatnow? That’s what I thought when I found myself so sick during the first weeks of my pregnancy that I could barely hold any food or drink. When I started looking online for remedies against pregnancy-nausea I stumbled upon this impressive piece of Latin, but quickly pushed it to the back of my mind. I surely wasn’t that sick. I didn’t want to be that sick, especially not during my pregnancy! Only when my midwife* carefully stated that my condition carried this name, I started to realize I had a real problem. One that could get me hospitalized for longer periods of time. A sickness that could be subdued within 16-20 weeks, but very well might last until labor. It looked like I was one of the unlucky ones who would remain sick for 40 weeks straight – despite utter rest, an incredibly helpful man and mother around the house, and medication.

* In the Netherlands you seek a midwife to guide you through pregnancy and labor. Only when you become a medical case or when you can’t have a poly-clinical delivery, you are assigned a gynecologist.

Now, 31 weeks in, I’ve been enjoying an unsuspected revival. For about 9 days I’ve still been feeling nauseous, tired and weak from being bedridden, but at least I’m able to sit up more and do some much anticipated baby-preparations. I even talked to a physiotherapist about a physical rehabilitation program, in the hopes of getting a bit of my strength and stamina back before te delivery. Although this lucky streak could very well end any day now due to another increase in hormones, I’m happy I’ve been able to have some joyous moments during my pregnancy, even if they were few.



But as I mentioned in my last update, this  piece of web will by no means become a mommy blog. Although parenthood in general will undoubtedly become a topic, the main-focus of Want for Wellness  is – who could have guessed it – Wellness. Since I’ve been feeling a bit better lately my fingertips are itching to jam out some articles which will hopefully be valuable to it’s readers. But as I am still far from better and my main-focus is on the baby, the only article I expect to write soon is about HG and/or about mentally overcoming a crippling illness: Something which is fresh on my mind, and which hopefully will give a new-found courage to people who seek advise on this topic.

Although this blog hasn’t been receiving as much as of time as it used to, I am amazed, surprised and grateful by it’s increase of visitors! The main reason are some Pins on Pinterest which have gone practically viral (at least, to my humble opinion). I can’t wait to check out my new demographics to see how I can cater better to everyone who takes their time to wander around Want for Wellness!


I hope to see you around, and I want to thank you for your patience while I’m getting better!

Love, Nathalie

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